Friday, June 24, 2011

Sand in my eyes.

We all just got back from a week long trip to the beach.  We've been home for days but yet I still have a huge suitcase sitting in my hallway fully packed with sandy clothes, shells, flip-flops, and seashells.  I think I'm secretly hoping I'll just throw it back in my car and head right on back down for another extended stay.  Zeke loves the beach sooooo much.  I mean, all kids love the beach, but I really think my kid has saltwater in his veins.  When asked if he'd rather go to the boardwalk or the beach, he'll say the beach every time.  He loves to stare into shallow areas of water and find any signs of life.  This past stay, we collected about a thousand teeny tiny clams, a gazillion brine shrimp, and tons of sea hermit crabs.  Sadly, every single one of them died after a day in Zeke's yellow beach bucket.  There were BIG tears when he realized nothing was moving around anymore in his bucket.  How did I stop the flow?  We went and bought 3 land hermit crabs and a nice big cage to bring them home in.  The word "sucker" is written on my forehead...I know it and embrace it.

I'm a mixed bag of emotions with the beach.  I love relaxing on my chair and listening to the waves, but the water petrifies me.  There's so much unknown life in there.  Life that I don't want snapping hold of my toes if I'm swimming around in those dark waters.  So, I stay only ankle deep in the ocean and enjoy the breezes and salt air instead. 

For now, we're pool rats.  No more beach for a bit now that Zeke has started summer basketball.  I'm going to try to squeeze in a few more beach trips in between basketball games just so that the summer doesn't fly by in a big haze.  I missed my baby too much all school year to let these precious summer days whip on by.  And if you need to get in touch with us, call after 10 or 11 a.m.  We're on summer schedule baby...we wake up when we wanna'!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

It Snot fair

Summer is officially here...or at least unofficially.  Memorial Day pretty much signifies the beginning of the warm weather fun for us.  Zeke only has a few more days of school scattered out over the next 2 weeks, then it's down to the beach for a bit.  I'm ready to chill out and breathe in some salty air.  Problem is, Zeke isn't.  He's been battling strep throat for a month now.  He has been on 2 antibiotics and as soon as he's done taking the course of them, he gets sick again a day later.  Today he's fighting a fever of 101 which is completely out of the ordinary for him.  He's been lying around for hours now.  SOOOOO not Zeke.  I feel bad because he's most likely going to miss fireworks tonight with his cousins, the opening day of our neighborhood pool tomorrow, and then recover just in time to head back to school on Tuesday.  :(

Friday, May 20, 2011

Mustard and Ketchup Please.

I picked up Zeke at school yesterday, as I normally do.  He presented me with a fabulous hand-drawn piece of artwork complete with a tree, tire swing, a big yellow sun, and some birds and bugs.  I told him how much I loved it and how great it was.  He promptly told me that all of the other boys were allowed to paint theirs...but he wasn't.  I asked him why.  His response?  Because he said "wiener". 


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It is okay after all.

I don't write anymore.  And I'm not sure why.  There are still so many things to say, so many pictures to post.  But I guess the life stuff has gotten in the way.  I'll try to do better.  I'll try to keep you informed and updated on my insanely fabulous life. I promise.  I really do.

So, Zeke turned six since we last spoke.  Cue the waterworks folks, because I just can't handle it.  He'  I remember when my nephew turned six and I just thought he was a big kid at that point.  MY KID IS A BIG KID NOW.  WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.  I still try to pick him up and hold him on my lap like a baby on occasion...but his legs and arms dangle like jumpropes.  It's a shame.  It's a shame how fast it goes.  But what's the "it"?  Everyone talks about the "it" and how it's hard and fun and the best thing you'll ever do.  But no one can ever tell you what "it" is.  Here's my definition:

It is the smile on his face when he wakes up and knows it's his birthday.  It is the hand that still feels kinda' small in mine when he grabs for it as we cross a street.  It is the wiggly tooth that he's so proud of.  It is the wonder and curiosity in his face as he carefully inspects a smooshed caterpillar on the sidewalk and happily calls the guts on the ground it's poop.  It is the joy he feels as he counts down the days to his first real summer vacation.  It is the feeling of it being okay that I'm picking up dirty underwear, socks, shorts and shirts that he so carelessly tosses when he's getting comfy under his blankie.  It is the feeling that this child will always know that I'm the only mom he'll ever have.  It is knowing that my life has a bigger meaning, that I'm a role model and a teacher of life to someone who is a clean slate.  It is baking a vanilla pound cake on a rainy Tuesday just because he'll eat half of it that same day....and I'll let him.  And It is feeling unconditional love.  Love that will always be deep-rooted even when he has his own family to care for.  He'll remember that he had a mom who cared enough to hold his hand as he crossed the street, to bake pound cake for him...and let him eat half of it in a day, who picked up his dirty clothes with only the occasional yell, and who agreed that caterpillar guts on the sidewalk was actually caterpillar poop.  Or maybe he won't remember.  But I will.  And that?  That's what It is.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I like to make lists.  Without lists, I'd still be in the second grade trying to figure out what came after the soft pretzels at recess.  I need to know AND write down what comes next.  So, in honor of my love of lists, here are a few random ones:

Things that I'm obsessing over lately:

1.  trying to grow my nails to a length that I don't think is overly long and gross but long enough that I can peel a Band-Aid off a forehead quickly and effortlessly. 

2.  Gum.  Trident has this new gum out that I love.  But as I said to McMahon, there just aren't enough pieces in the pack.  I wonder if carries it yet so I can buy it by the case.  It's's like a white tea/mint gum...very smooth and nice.

3.  My feet.  I need to get them flip-flop ready.  I've been soaking, loofahing, Vaseline-ing...all the proper pampering techniques for getting a soft foot.  Soon, I'm going to treat myself to a mani/pedi and unveil these wheels of mine...

4.  Our basement floor.  We had a lot of water come in our basement a few months ago.  I decided that it was time for the carpet to go and for a new flooring option to be discovered.  After some thought and research, I decided on stained, decorative concrete.  It's an unbelievably cool look if you have a concrete floor....but the floor prep and staining process has been grueling.  It's almost finished, I love the look, and I can't wait for it to be totally dry so I can arrange my furniture again.


Things Zeke is obsessing over lately:

1.  Basketball, tennis, and skateboarding.  He is devastated that our basement has been out of commission due to the fact that it is his basketball court/tennis court/skateboarding floor.  It is because of his obsessions that I had to make sure our flooring choice was "sports friendly".

2.  Chocolate milk.  Still.  To the tune of 2-3 gallons of milk/week.  :(

3.  Buttery rye toast.


Things on our weekend agenda:

1.  Friday = going to take Zeke to see Rango with a school friend while trying to fit in a trip to my girlfriend's house to celebrate her birthday.

2.  Saturday = Pauly and Zeke going to a special Sixers event where they are allowed to practice with the team.  Saturday afternoon will be Zeke's basketball game at the Y where Pauly and I are the winningest coaches the YMCA has ever seen.  GO NORTH CAROLINA (Zeke's team)!!!!!

3.  Sunday = my Dad's 70th birthday party.  Can't wait for some good company and good food for a very special celebration!

Check out my recent pix.  Trying to keep my kajillions of followers caught up...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pasta for one.

I find obituaries shockingly fascinating.  I mean, how can a person live an entire lifetime then be summed up in a 6 sentence paragraph on page 17, section B of the local newspaper?  Fascinating, but sad.  And even sadder when the departed only gets a sentence or two.  Is that it?  That's where we end up?  Smooshed into a column with a Dave & Buster's two-fer advertisement glaring underneath?  How terrible.

I dwell on this today because it's been one year exactly that my friend Shari passed.  She left this world way too soon and left a barrage of friends stunned, sad, hurt, angry, and maybe finally believing.  Shari being gone reminds me to believe in life, believe in family and friends, and believe that I will be remembered once I'm gone.  I don't think I ever believed so strongly as I do today.  Is it Shari working some sort of magic on me?  Is it the fear of a 5 sentence life summary that makes me believe life must be lived before we die?  I'm still not sure, but each day I think I get a little closer to knowing.

Shari probably deserved a whole newspaper to herself when she passed.  She was complicated, graceful, loving, devoted, and beautiful.  She was a woman who was loved by many and who will never be forgotten. 

I thought of you today, S.  I was wishing I could meet you at Bucca for some spaghetti and chatter.  It's not the same without you here.  And I hope that makes you smile up there.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Strangers in the night.

The first week of the year is strange.  I have all these things in my head that I want to accomplish...but I have the same energy level as the last week in December.  Blah.  How does one get motivated and energized without ingesting near-toxic levels of caffeine???

This week has begun lots more homework in Zeke's world.  Homework for Zeke = homework for me.  How do people do it that have more than one kid???  I mean, where's the time?  Here's how our night went last night:

1.  3:15 - pickup from school
2.  3:45 - get home, get snack, watch tv in underwear (Zeke, not me)
3.  4:10 - start getting dressed for tennis lessons
4.  4:20 - leave for tennis lessons
5.  4:22 - do a U-turn and come back home to get forgotten tennis racket
6.  4:50 - run into the gym for tennis lesson
7.  5:40 - leave gym
8.  6:10 - get back home and try to figure out dinner
9.  6:30 - slap a dinner of soup and grilled cheese on the table and hope for the best
10.  7:15 - get zeke's homework and bring it down to our home gym so he can do it while I'm on the treadmill
11.  7:30 - I'm on the treadmill, zeke's homework is sitting on the floor next to me, but he's playing basketball with Pauly
12.  8:00 - I freak out b/c it's 8:00 and homework hasn't been done, lunches haven't been packed, and teeth haven't been brushed
13:  8:05 - we go upstairs and start homework
14.  8:40 - still doing some online homework
15.  8:50 - shut down computer and force Zeke into the bathroom for teeth brushing and bed preparation
16.  9:05 - put Zeke in bed with t.v. on for "15 minutes" while I pack lunches and watch a little t.v.
17.  9:30 - was so involved in the Real Housewives rerun that I didn't notice it was 9:30 and my kid was still wide awake on a school night watching Spongebob Squarepants.
18.  9:35 - turn off all electronic devices in Zeke's room, say goodnight, and roll on into my bed
19.  9:50 - hear a noise, walk down the hall, and realize that Zeke has logged into his laptop and is playing Club Penguin under the covers
20.  10:00 - back to my bed after confiscating the laptop
21.  10:30 - check on Zeke and find that he's FINALLY asleep
22.  11-ish - somewhere in here I fall asleep
23.  3:22 a.m. - woken up by Zeke holding 4 teddy bears and a king-sized woobie...he wants to sleep in my bed.
24.  3:23 a.m. - let Zeke and his entourage in my bed, try to curl myself up into the tiniest ball of human ever so I can fit in between 3 dogs, the hubs, a 57-lb kid, and 4 teddy bears.
25. 3:30 a.m. - everyone is asleep, I think I'm drifting off myself....and the doves all start cooing. 
26. 3:31 a.m. - I'm still awake and start thinking about "stuff":  is it considered a murder if I flush all of the eggs that the doves keep laying?, should I try that laundry-thingy that lets you put your colors and your whites all in the same load?, did Zeke eat his lunch that I packed him or did he buy Doritos in the cafeteria and call it a day?, I really need to dump out that huge bag of unmatched socks and do some matching tomorrow, if it snows will the snowblower finally work?, am I getting enough fiber?, blah, blah, blah, blah....
27:  6:10 a.m. - start all over again.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Post of the Year

It's January.  Already.  How'd that happen?  Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas.  Done in an instant.  Notice I rank Black Friday right on up there in "holiday status".  Can't go a year without it...

Our holidays were nice.  I promised myself I'd NOT get sick and I pretty much accomplished that.  I may have lived with a headache for a few stretches of time, but the Lupus didn't get the best of me.  I'm grateful for that.  And for family that seems to understand my limitations.  In the new year, I am determined to be healthier and more conscious of each day. 

In the spirit of the new year, I want to do a repeat of something I posted last year.  It's interesting and thought provoking.  Here goes:


Best Day:   the day we flew into the Bahamas to celebrate my 40th birthday.

Worst Day: the day I dropped Zeke off for his first full day of Kindergarten.

Best Decision: to send to his current school and to allow him to do full time Kindergarten

Worst Decision: to ignore the water problem in our basement after a heavy rain.  That ignorance led to a problem with mold and caused us to have to rip up carpeting, have a mold specialist come in, and tons more work that is still ongoing that I don't even want to talk about because it still annoys and tortures me to this day. 

Best Realization: that I want to start my own business

Worst Realization: that the new Lupus drug that has been approved by the FDA won't be too much of a benefit to me.

Biggest Hope: that I actually get a paying gig this year with my new business

Biggest Fear:  getting sicker.  But I'm not going to let that happen and will be responsible and timely about all of my doctor's appointments to be sure of it.

People I can't live without: Paul & Zeke

People I can live without: dead weights in my life

Best Fashion Find: a great pair of jeans that I can dress up or down and the uber-fuzzy gloves that Pauly and Zeke gave me for Christmas.  Oh, and my new socks.  I love socks.  And scarves.  And purses.

Worst Fashion Find:  a bracelet that I thought I loved and now I think it looks ridiculous.

Fashion Obsession:  Still purses but moving into socks and jewelry too.

Fashion Hate:  tights with Uggs

Best Food/Drink Find:  Coke Zero which I desperately want to stop drinking.

Worst Food/Drink Find: - Cici's pizza.  The. Most. Disgusting. Food.  Ever.

Food/Drink Love:  sauteed spinach and artichokes at Bertucci's

Food/Drink Hate: any food with meat and any drink with milk

TV Love: Bridezillas, Jersey Shore, Big Brother, Real Housewives


Internet Love:

Internet Hate: Twitter (don't waste your time telling me that you're about to take out the recycles. I'm not about to care.)

Best Development:  Getting a part time job for about 5 minutes.

Worst Development:  realizing that the part time job I was so in love with was a complete waste of my time.

Best Investment: my Tiffany necklace .  Love it and wear it most days.

Worst Investment:  Most of the toys we've bought for Zeke this year.  All he wants to do is play basketball in the basement.

Best Travel:  Bahamas

Worst Travel:  none.  I love travel.

Personal Empowerment: turning 40 and not really giving a crap.

Personal Struggle:  letting Zeke grow up.

Best Accomplishment: Zeke and my marriage

Worst Failure:  trying to get Timmy healthier.  His poor little heart is still really bad.

How I'm Ending This Year:  hopeful, scared, determined. 

Happy 2011 everyone.  May your year be filled with love, laughter and light. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's on like Donkey Kong.

I've been letting my blog slip through the cracks of life.  When I started this little journey, I swore I'd be least for the sake of Zeke.  I want to be able to look back and remember our times exactly the way I experienced them.  Pictures are great, but putting the memory into words?  Even better.  But, alas, life has gotten in the way.  It's the everyday that gets in the way, it seems.  Same old story.  I won't let it happen to my blog though.  Even though my life may not be that exciting to most, it's exciting to me.  It's fulfilling and happy and, yeah, sometimes annoying.  But if it weren't it'd be boring.  And for that reason, my blog will live, damn it! 

In the midst of all the "everyday blah-blah-blah", I've begun something new...just for myself.  Now that Zeke is in school all day (it seems sooooo long that he's gone each day), I found that it was time to figure out just who I was again.  I started job-hunting.  I found something that I thought would be fun...but really, I wouldn't have been compensated as well as I feel I deserve.  I searched some more.  And I searched my soul.  What did I really, really want?  I knew first and foremost, I still wanted to be Mommy.  That's my full time job until he's on his own.  I swore to his little tiny face when he was just a newbie that I'd always be there when he needed me.  And for sure, it's still my priority, gladly.  But, I knew I needed something else in addition to Mommy-ness.  Something to drive me, use my skills, and make me feel like a contributing member of society again.  Pauly and I talked and brainstormed and mulled.  And after much deliberation, I think I've sort of just hatched a new baby.   It's Beakers.  And Beakers will be awesome.  It'll be fun for me, fun for any kids that happen to benefit from a Beakers program, and fun to develop.  In a way, I'm pregnant again.  I'm starting to grow something new...something that has come from deep inside me and has been on my mind for a long, long time.  And I'll grow this Beakers baby into something great.  Just you guys wait and see.

Stay tuned.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hey Ya.

What have we been up to?  Check out my new slideshow to the right...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Product Reviews

Being a hot mama blogger (ummmm...what?  did i really just say that?) has it's perks every now and then.  Certain people and companies want me (well, really, Zeke) to try their products out and give my opinion.  So, what it all boils down to is this:  Zeke gets a package in the mail every now and then, opens it in a very giggly manner, and plays for some undetermined amount of time with the contents of the package.  Now comes my job...I have to give feedback.  Did he like it?  Was it "dorky, mom"?  Was it yummy in the tummy?  Or was it REEEEEEEE-jected by my icky, picky 5 year-old?  Here are some results from our latest reviews:

Hexbugs:  um...hells yeah.  Let's just say the little mechanical critters are a go.  With Zeke and about 4 of his little friends.  They love them.  And really, they're just little battery-operated Legos, if you ask me...with a few plastic-y whisker/leggy things on the sides.  But, hey, the 5/6/7-year-old crowd thinks they're sweeeeet.  So be it.  Thumbs up for Hexbugs.

Nature Valley Granola Bars:  this one is simple.  He ate them.  He ate more.  And I was totally okay with him eating them since they were a healthy option to chips, cookies, candy, etc.  I love a product that gives back to the community when I spend Pauly's hard-earned money on it, so here are some nice details about what Nature Valley will do for all of us if we save our wrappers:

Since the dedication of Yellowstone as the world’s first national park in 1872, America’s parks have been visited by hundreds of millions of people who marveled at their beauty, found peace in their wildness and shared their experience with others.

However, these national treasures need care and support to help them flourish. Years of underfunding and environmental problems such as pollution and climate change are threatening our National Park system. To help preserve our national parks and ensure their existence for generations to come, join Nature Valley® and Patricia Shultz, internationally best-selling author of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die and travel industry leader, to help support the National Parks Project. This year, the National Parks Project will focus on restorative work at Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Biscayne National Parks.

To get involved, simply purchase a box of specially marked Nature Valley Bars and mail in your wrappers to the address below:

National Parks Project

PO Box 450328

El Paso, TX 88545-0328

Nature Valley will not only recycle the wrappers, but will also contribute $0.10 to the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) for every wrapper received (up to $600,000 in total). To learn more about the National Parks Project and how you can make a difference, check out today. And don’t forget to visit Nature Valley on Facebook or Nature Valley on Twitter to “Like” or “Follow” the brand. Facebook fans can enter to win a trip, as well as share photos and videos of their summer vacations. All of these sites will also feature updates on the restoration projects, as well as videos and pictures from “National Parks Project” volunteers.

There are many other ways you can enjoy the natural beauty and diverse wildlife of our national parks this summer while supporting the cause. The easiest thing you can do to support the national parks is to experience them for yourself and share them with your family – remembering as always to “take only pictures and leave your footprints.” So grab your backpack, your boots and some granola bars and go soak in the scenery.

Nature Valley provided Zeke (me) and one of my loyal readers a super-nice prize pack of goodies, including some tasty granola bars, a copy of Patricia Shultz's book, and an awesome water bottle through MyBlogSpark.  Yippeeeee...we all really enjoyed the package!

Stay tuned for more reviews as Zeke submits his opinions....

Friday, September 17, 2010

And never look back.

No, I'm not apologizing for the looooooooooooooong gap in posts.  I've been busy, people.  It's been summertime.  Summertime means fun time and that equals no time.  To post that is.  But now things are coming to a screeching halt, so I'm back.  Tons of goodies have happened, so I'll do my best to summarize:

1.  Pauly, Zeke and I went on an awesome trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas to celebrate my BIG birthday.  That's all I'm going to say about just how "big" my birthday was.  For now, we'll call it my 23rd.  But the Caribbean was amaaaaaazing, the water was gorgeous, the relaxation was primo, and I'm ready to go back.  I love collecting those stamps in my passport...

2.  Zeke started school.  Full time school.  Big time SAD for me.  I'm still not sure if I'm actually coping or just muddling my way through the empty days.  All I know is that I horribly, terribly, ridiculously, insanely MISS my baby boy.  I wonder all day every day if he's okay, if he needs me for anything, if he's hungry, if he's thirsty, if he has to go to the potty, if he's too hot, if he's too cold, if he needs a tissue, if he needs a wet wipe, if he bumped his head and needs an icepack (very possible), if he wants me to read him a story, if he wants apples and peanut butter, if he wants to go to the park to ride his Razor Scooter, if he wants to play Club Penguin on his laptop, or if he needs a Band Aid.  Mostly I worry that my baby just needs his mommy to give him a kiss and tell him that he's the most fabulous kid on earth and that he's so smart that when he grows up he could most likely rule the universe.  Five year olds need that.  And five year olds need their mommies.  So why is he in school all day?  Not sure if that was a good decision on my part yet...(insert lots of sobby, wet tears here).

3.  My dove breeding days have slowed.  I'm down to one singular dove.  After a series of events including the sad euthanasia of the "wacky-legged dove", I'm left with the original mommy dove of the flock.  She's a gorgeous ring necked girl who has become quite the talker.  I really do love her but fear that she's lonely.  It's that teeny, tiny nagging fear in the back of my mind that could very well lead to yet another round of dove breeding if I cave in and get the little mama a "friend".  Oh boy...

4.  Zeke is playing football and I'm not sure I like it.  I'm happy that he's enjoying a new team sport, but the mommy side of me wonders why they call it "flag football"?  The kids are tackle-crazed and forget to go for the flags about 90% of the time.  And to top it all off, they don't wear helmets.  :(

And that's about it.  Or at least what I can recall in the haze of what was a super nice summer.  I enjoyed each day with my boy, with our friends, and with my hubby.  I'll always kinda' remember this summer as the "last one"...the one of innocence for Zeke...the one before he stepped into the cold, cruel, crazy real world of the 9 to 5 grind.  There's no going back for him now.  But somehow, I don't think he really minds.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nancy + Albert = Love

I want a cat.  Ever since we catsat last month for Kitty Cat Princess Precious Nellie, I've decided that our home can handle a feline friend.  So, everyday at some point in the day, I hop on  Pathetic, I know.  I need to stop the Petfinder madness or get an intervention or something...but until then, I'm a Petfinder peeper.  I've seen tons of kitties on there that I've loved and lost...a Sphynx named Mrs. Bigglesworth was my biggest love...but now I'm loving this guy.  He's very handsome, don't you think?

Really? I'm really talking about Ripa?

Yeah, surprise, surprise...I'm going to give a thumbs up to Kelly Ripa for her latest project: "Splits for a Cause" with Electrolux.  I'll be honest and say I'm not ususally a K.R. "fan"...but this time I'll get in her corner and give her a hand...anyone who is supporting cancer research in such a public fashion COULD possibly make it to my oh-so-hard-to-get-on Friend List.  :)

So, here are the deets:

Banana Splits For A Cause + Win $25 American Express Gift Card!

Kelly Ripa has teamed up with Electrolux in their Banana Splits for A Cause campaign to support the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund this Summer.
Here’ s the deal and how you can help: Right now you can visit and create your own virtual banana split. For each day that you create a banana split, $1 (up to a $750K maximum commitment) goes to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund through September 7, 2010. Once you create your yummy virtual banana split you are also entered to win one of the $50 daily prizes and the GRAND prize of a new stand-alone refrigerator and freezer from Electrolux.

But here's the TOTALLY AWESOME BONUS PART of this coolness:  my little bloggity-blog here (aka Three's Company) is also giving away a $25 American Express gift card to one lucky reader on behalf of Electrolux. To enter to win just leave a comment letting me know that you’ve created your virtual banana split and what toppings are your favorite!!  Yeppers, it's that easy.  And who wouldn't like to (pretend) make, (pretend) eat, and (pretend) lick the dish of a virtual banana split???  All the fun and NO calories!! 

RULES: This giveaway is open to US residents, void where prohibited by law. One entry. The deadline to enter is July 23, 2010 11:59 PM EST. One winner will be chosen at random. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN.

*Disclosure: We were given a $25 American Express gift card from Electrolux to write about/participate in this campaign.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summering it up.

True to form, I've got a lot to cram into this post as I haven't written in a while. It seems that the nice weather pulls me away from the computer screen and out into the vast world of funness. It's all good though, I'd rather be worn out to the bone from enjoying the warm weather than have carpel tunnel from updating my bloggity-blog-blog with boring crap about the kid who picked his nose and wiped it on the shopping cart in front of me in line at Wegman's yesterday. Dontcha think?

Now to cram...stay focused and buckle up...this is gonna be mind-blowing:

So, since the end of May-ish, we've:

-ended preschool for Zeke. He's officially bound for Kindergarten and I'm officially devastated about it.
-Zeke and I have noticed the return of Petey and Rusty our neighbor horses to the pastures down on our corner. SOOOOOOOO happy to be bringing them apples and carrots again!
-the Slip & Slide from Aunt Susan is open for business on our hill in the backyard.
-Zeke finished up t-ball and received his first ever trophy. He brings it everywhere with him.
-we've been to about a zillion birthday parties and Zeke bounced so hard at one he bloodied his nose. Now that's what I call a party....
-we've been babysitting Kitty Cat Nellie for about a month and have completely fallen in love with her. I don't want to give her back even though she does bite me really hard. It's her way of showing love, I think.
-Zeke started and ended Tae Kwon Do simply because I don't want to be running him over to classes 3 and 4 times a week in the summer. I'm not about to commit to that madness.
-swim lessons for 2 weeks almost did me in...but Zeke can now swim in the deep end with confidence so it was all worth it.
-we celebrated Father's Day by taking Pauly out to brunch. We had a nice time and I hope he realized how much he means to us...
-we had a quick visit from Pop Pop Ebs and had the opportunity to see family that we don't often get to visit.
-we daytripped to the mountains again to visit Cookie and Pop Pop. We swam in the lake (well, they did...I don't do natural bodies of water), followed up by a trip to their pool. It was a fun, tiring day.
-we've found some new hiking trails that seem pretty good and have been hiking and biking our old favorites.

And to top it all off, we just booked our summer vacation/my birthday celebration in the Caribbean!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Can't wait to go!

This weekend is July 4th weekend so it's time to go scout for fireworks. We're gonna' be "that family" that lights off our own fireworks in our yard. Should be very trashy and awesome. Pix to follow.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Summing it up.

The warmer weather is here, so things are heating up as far as our "fun stuff" goes. Here are just a few of the things we've done over the past 2 weeks:

-Hershey Park
-a trip to the beach, complete with miniature golf and amusement rides on the boardwalk
-hikes in the arboretum
-t-ball every Saturday morning
-Grandparents Day at Zeke's school
-Day Before Memorial Day trip to the mountains to visit Cookie and Pop Pop at the lake
-Memorial Day trip to Uncle T's house to cook out, make cotton candy, and play in the pool
-play dates in the park
-play dates at moonbouncey places
-end of school picnic in the park
-Kindergarten Orientation at Zeke's new school
-violin lessons
-gymnastics classes

Check out the pix for a visual buffet...

Monday, May 24, 2010

And then it was dark.

I turn off street lights. A lot. Not on just happens. I've read up a bit on this phenomenon and there are crazy theories out there that say I'm extra specially electromagnetically charged or that perhaps I'm an Indigo adult. Both of which are possible, I guess. I tend to just really like my Dad's theory though: he thinks I'm just such a highly spirited, extremely bright person that lights find the need to actually DIM around me when I come near. Phffffft...if only. But, it's true - street lights really have shut off many times when I have driven or walked under them. It has freaked me out in the past but lately I've been thinking that maybe what Pauly says is true: it's just a sign that I'm on the right path. His theory is murky, at best, and even with much prodding over the years, he won't really go much further into it. He just mumbles on about the "right path" stuff a lot.

Now, after watching the series finale of Lost the other night, the "right path" stuff may just be starting to feel a bit better to me. I know that sounds completely ridiculous. I mean, how can a TV show really matter? It's just...entertainment, right??? I've always thought so. And I fully admit that along the Lost path, I became a semi-hater at times. The show got wacky, sidetracked, and loopy in my opinion. Then again, I was always watching it around 10:00 at night when my nerves were shot and my kid was probably still awake and playing his drumset much past his bedtime. Way too much ANNOYING adding up there for me to really like anything. But, in the end, the finale spoke to me. The fact that the Lost friends gathered in the end to travel together for one last eternal journey? That moved me. It jived with my system of beliefs. Because, you see, for me, I can't just move around this world thinking that this is it. That the lady who gives me my change at Wawa is nobody other than a change-giver. I believe we experience each other for a reason. If even for one minute of one day of our lives. And in that minute, I want to be able to leave an impression on that Wawa lady. I want to look at her and smile and say "thanks" and mean it. I want her to think "what a nice girl" when I leave. I want her to feel something other than sick of her job after she has given me my 36 cents back at the end of our bread and milk transaction. And I want to do that every single time I move in this life. Every time. Because every time is an opportunity. An opportunity for me to fill up my circle - the circle of people that will wait for me at our final destination. I want that circle to be full of faces that I remember. Ones that I know I've smiled at before...just to try to let them know that they mattered. That's the path I'm on. And I guess that's why street lights go out. Because I'm on the right path. Thanks Pauly. I think you may be right after all.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Have you ever noticed that when you walk to your car in a parking lot, more times than not, the owner of the car next to you will be getting into their car RIGHT NEXT TO YOURS??? Strange but true. Check it out next time you go somewhere.

Just my random thought of the day.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I only have vowels.

A little friendly competition is good for the soul. At least I thought it was. Until, that is, Pauly and I started playing Scrabble together on our iPhones. You see, the battle commenced about a week ago when Pauly got his new iPhone. I've been telling him FOREVERRRR that he needed one, couldn't live another day without one, and was basically a knuckle-dragging caveman toting around the cinderblock he referred to as his cell. Ridiculous. So, finally, he upgraded. And now I've got him hooked on an app that allows us to play head to head and night. It's simply delicious. I've triple-word-scored him, I've double-letter-valued him on a "Q" (holy moly, that's got to be worth 20 points right there...), and I've slam-dunked a game or two slapping down a few words that I never even knew existed. All the while, the two of us are usually sitting right next to each other, iPhones in hand, fiercely fighting for the next Big Move...all without moving an inch. If that's not modern day togetherness, I don't know what is.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Outside lite.

So lately Pauly and I have really been working on getting healthier. We've been watching our diets and exercising much more frequently. It's been great - we've both lost around 8 or 9 pounds and have become more fit because of our efforts. Besides all of the blah, blah, blah stuff about the weight loss junk that most people would normally say, I've found more things that have made me happy about my recent health sitch. First, most of our exercise has been taking place outdoors. I've never really considered myself "outdoorsy", but I'm totally NOT an indoorsy type either. I'd say I'm a girl who loves to be outside, with her makeup on, hair looking nice, and wearing a pretty decent get-up. I'm okay with getting a bit dirty, but I'll have nothing to do with getting super buggy, overly muddy, too sweaty, or, of course, killing/fishing/catching any type of animal. But the types of outdoor activities we've been doing all fall nicely into my Rules & Regulations, so it's been a blast. We've hiked, walked, rode and yes, wallowed through a few muddy trails. We've found nice new places to exercise and revisited some old haunts that are now back on our list of top places to frequent. All along, Zeke has been right by our side, covering every mile like a little trooper. He hikes and rides right along with us. It's actually pretty amazing the miles he has covered with his little legs. But he too just loves it. And along with an ever-so-slight loosening of my waistband, I'm feeling oh-so-much closer to my boys. I love spending this time with them. There's no sound of television in the background, no music, not much chattering. It's just the three of us out there...on the trails...enjoying each others' silence.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Schools and shindings.

The past few weeks have been madness for me. Since my current title in life is "Parental Technician", I've engrossed myself in all things Zeke. In doing this, I have been swallowed up by tons of, what I consider, HUGE decisions concerning his life. Of course I check in with Pauly here and there, since most of these decisions require financial backing and well, if I must disclose all truths, I guess he really is the Treasurer of this little Kane Company I'm running here. So, ideas get run by him, funding is secured, and I (in reality being the CEO & President of the corp.), funnel the money into what avenues I see fit. The biggest choice that had to be made recently was regarding Zeke's schooling. We finally decided where he fit in best and yesterday we received word that he was accepted. Whew...big weight off my shoulders. I now know where my kiddo will be next year and am thrilled about the prospects of him being able to settle into a great school for the foreseeable future.

The other all-encompassing item on my list was Zeke's 5th birthday celebration. Most years it's pretty easy-peasy stuff: call a moon bounce place, secure the date, get a cake and some pizzas and all kids involved are thrilled. But, alas, I'm raising a big-thinker here. Zeke wasn't content to have the typical bounce-o-rama gig this year. He wanted animals, live animals, and he wanted them in his own house, for him to pet and cuddle and feed. Oh. Live animals? My mind clicked into full gear and I searched for petting zoos. Once I started jotting down all of the details, I realized the scale of his request. Ummmm, what if it rained? I was completely fine with a yard full of farm animals (in fact, I was like a kid in a candy shop...), but the petting zoo owner told me that if it rained she could simply move it inside if I had a big enough room. Wait. What??? Like, inside my HOUSE? I'm uber-cool with having my dogs, my birds, my frogs, hamsters, fish, etc. hanging out in our digs. I kinda' draw the line at farm animals though. Even I...the lover of all things feathered, furry, and fishy...have my limits. This is my house we're talking about here, folks. Don't mess with a woman's abode. So, I had to arrange this whole soiree and pray for good weather. And pray. And pray. The day of Zeke's party arrived to a mixed bag of weather. It was to be sunny in the early part of the day, but rainy in the latter part. We were having the party at 2:00. Is 2:00 early or late??? I wasn't sure. But, to my distinct pleasure, the sun was out, the yard was gorgeous, and the animals were aplenty. Zeke was glowing with delight at all of the animals hanging out in our own backyard. We had tons of red and white balloons and tablecloths, hay bales scattered around, and cowboy and cowgirl hats for the kiddos. All of the kids got to feed and pet the farm animals and they each got turns taking a pony ride around our yard. It was so cool! We battled a big number five pinata and won - tons of candy rained down on the crowd - and followed it up by distributing goody bags that were actually red bandannas stuffed with all kinds of treats for the guests. By the end of the day we were exhausted and partied out - and just as we got all of our tables and chairs into the house the rain started to come down. And I was just fine with that. I snuggled my five-year -old up in my bed and we watched the video of his party that Pauly had shot. It was a great way to end the party day.

Happy birthday Zeke. You're the light of my life, kiddo.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I don't think God minds if I do..

It's quiet here. Well, except for the chirping and cooing of the ten thousand birds I've accumulated over the past 3 months. But, aside from the bird noises, it's quiet. And it's been quiet for a while. Zeke went to test out his new school. He's there for FOUR WHOLE HOURS. That's a long time in my world. Usually I drop him off at 12:30, get home by 1, then leave to go back and get him by about 2:30. So, by the time I'm done catching my breath, it's time to get back in the car, basically. But today is different. Today I'm clock-watching. I'm nervous and jittery. And I'm even dreadfully low on caffeine. The jitters are of the natural sort. I just want my baby to be...okay. He was brave when I left him. He wiped his tears and joined the other boys. He actually looked like he was on the brink of having fun. I, on the other hand, walked out of there thinking that every step I took away from those school doors was a major step away from my little boy. A step further from being able to help him if he needed it, a step further from reaching out and hugging him if he felt lonely or scared, and a step further away from completely kicking someone's ass if they hurt a hair on his head. But that's just the "Philly Side" of me coming out (Mare, you know what I mean...). I just feel very far, far away from Zeke right now. But I also feel like maybe he's in a good place. A place filled with love and learning and mostly, God. And that's just how I want my kid to grow up.

But I'm not above kicking ass if need be.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Absence makes you love me more. I think.

I'm not EVEN going to go into making excuses for why I'm so behind on posting. I've been busy. Just busy. I'll post pictures to keep my crazy, enormous fan base up-to-date on our lives over here at 3's Co. But for now, here's a quick synopsis of what's been happenin':

Zeke and I have listened to and met Matthew Ryan on the 10 Show, Pauly and I had a great date night at the Tin Angel in Philly when Matthew Ryan played a show there the same night, my family and I celebrated my Mom's birthday at Bucca di Beppo with a ginormous pasta dinner (yum!), Zeke's doves have procreated YET AGAIN making our total count coming in at a whopping 6 doves, Zeke still enjoys his hot tubby at night with bubbles and pretends he's Bubble Boy (see picture), all three of us enjoyed a quick trip to the gorgeous Longwood Gardens, Zeke and I joined Mom Mom Mare at the College for a show with Taiko drummers and dancers from Tamagawa University in Japan, we're in bigtime planning mode for Zeke's 5th birthday party which has taken on the theme of Backyard Barn - Welcome to the Kane Zoo (complete with travelling petting zoo and pony rides), Zeke went to the dentist for his semi-annual checkup and his big boy teeth are visible via x-ray but definitely not ready to come in yet (guess he'll be looking like a hockey player for another year or so), I'm on a mission to lose a few lbs. so by default that means Pauly is too, we haven't yet decided on a summer vacation - I'm torn between going somewhere amazingly exotic/educational or just jumping on the ridiculous Disney cruise and schlepping around in flip-flops and sunglasses with Mickey Mouse for a week (Zeke's pick, of course), we've searched high and low and contemplated schools for Zeke for Fall '10 and think we've found the perfect place for him, Zeke took a week of swim lessons and all he got out of it was a disgusting bacterial infection on his arm requiring oral antibiotics (I was one angry momma), and finally I've continued to clean up after all these pets I've somehow acquired over the past few months. Lucky I'm not opposed to poop patrol or this house would drown in it...

As you can see, it's been eventful. And that's just a sampling of the happenings. Check the pix for now and I'll try to post more often. But don't hold me to it - the warm Spring air keeps me away from the keyboard now.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

yeah man.

Cool things:

1. Zeke and I are going to be audience members at the 10! Show tomorrow morning. We're specifically going because Matthew Ryan is the featured musical guest, and well, we both loooove his music.

2. The baby doves are about 50 - 65% the size of the mommy and daddy doves now. I feel an overwhelming sense of success knowing that I (along with the parents) brought new life into the world from egg to hatchling to "kid" as Zeke calls them now. Very cool and very inspiring to see how nature works.

3. The auction project for school is complete and although it's certainly no masterpiece, it has 12 little faces shining out from it that are precious and beautiful. When I finally looked at the finished piece I realized that it's not really how an item "turns out"'s how much meaning the process held. Although I was semi-stressed getting this done, I did it out of love for Zeke's class and his school. They've turned my baby boy into quite a confident, smart, and caring kid. And for that I'll volunteer my time anyday.

4. We saw the sun this week and it felt like heaven. I can sense that spring is on it's way and with that comes tons of time outside and fun in the parks, yards, beaches, etc.

5. Zeke wore his first pair of shorts today. There's no going back, baby.


1. I bought a $50 bottle of stuff from the Clinique counter and all it's doing is making my face breakout. How VERY uncool. Obviously, for $50, it really wasn't supposed to do that.

2. My office space in my house is a total wreck. Can'

3. I'm on a diet.

4. I'm treadmilling like a freak and it's only making my joints ache worse. Way, way, way uncool.

So that's it. Cool/uncool list is updated. More to come after tomorrow's insanely awesome day of Matthew Ryan-esque-ness. LOVING IT. If you've got a brain in your head you'll go check out his music. It's (as my older brother used to say when he was about 14 and I now say just because I like it...) deeeeeskins. Awesome music from an awesome songwriter. And then go tell a friend.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who's your girl???

I used to have music playing in the background of my bloggity-blog-blog. When I really thought about it, I realized that maybe, although I think my taste in music absolutely ROWCKS, some people may not enjoy having my tunes pumping out through their speakers as they peruse my postings. So, I stopped the tunage. But to be honest, I miss hearing all of my faves when I travel down Memory Lane looking at all the pix I've posted on here. I used to love hearing my all time fave - Matthew Ryan - as the soundtrack to my blog. Alas, I must take into consideration that some of you poor folk may be cubicle monkeys - trapped in a bone-colored four by four cell all day at work - and your bossy-poo may not appreciate hearing Matthew Ryan or any of my other chosen artists screaming out of your laptops at your cube neighbors. So, it's quiet here at Three's Company for now. And Zeke has noticed. When he pops in to check out my blog, he always asks "where's Matthew Ryan, mom?" I just tell him that MR is on "quiet time" for a while. That seems to satisfy his 4.5 year-old curiosity. So, you can see, that Zeke too has an appreciation the Ryan-esque vibe that this piece of technology has offered in the past. So much so, that he has consistently asked me to bring him to a concert. Now, I can't do that, but I've scored something pretty darn close for my little buddy. I've gotten us two tickets to the live taping of the 10! Show in Philly for next Thursday. The super-awesome part about these tix is the fact that Matthew Ryan will be featured live on the show! Zeke is stoked. He's telling everyone he's going to see Matthew Ryan in concert. Funny how he has skewed the picture to fit his own little fantasy world. But hey, I'm cool with that. As long as he remembers his uber-cool Mommio who landed the tix when he looks back fondly on this gig!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I didn't even know I was expecting.

Life has sprung anew in our household. The doves have successfully hatched their eggs! The whole process of these tiny little dove eggs has been insane. The first clutch of eggs didn't survive. My nephew surmises that the temperature of the cage didn't stay warm enough to allow the developing embryo to live. It was a sad day when Zeke and I realized that the mommy and daddy dove had given up on the first two eggs. They left the nest they had so carefully guarded for 18 days. Just left it high and dry. Zeke and I left the 2 eggs in the nest for about 5 more days, unprotected, but nothing happened. That's when I knew the mission would be fruitless. We removed the eggs and planned on a burial, but of course we had to know first if the eggs contained anything other than, well, yolk. So, the dissection began. I let Zeke get some tweezers and break into the egg. Sadly, we saw a tiny little dead dove. Same with the second one. We said a little prayer, Zeke told God he could have the baby doves as His pet, and we buried them (in the toilet since it's about -90 in the region right now...). The good news is that about 2 weeks later we found a new clutch of eggs in the nest (actually it's the doves' foodbowl, but, oh well...). We took good care of the eggs this time and kept them warm with a tiny space heater. Zeke watched and waited and about 17 days later.....TWO BABIES APPEARED!!! The babies are about 12 days old now and they're precious. The mommy and daddy dove take very good care of them, providing them with all the nourishment they need, and within about 2 to 3 weeks the babies will be out and about in the cage on their own. Which leads me to the ultimate question: what do I do with all of these doves???? And what do I do if little Miss Mommy Dove decides to keep on producing little chicks????????? Ummmmm, I'm all about first-hand biology experiments and everything, but I can foresee this deal becoming an overpopulation situation. Anyone want some doves? They're cute and they're free. As long as Zeke and I get visitation, that is.

So, other than populating our region with doves, Zeke has also been going to a science class on Tuesdays. He loves it and looks forward to it each week. It has mostly been about animals, so I think that could be the major attraction for him. I'll have him in veterinarian school before Pauly can sink his finance/accounting fingers into him. :)

That's it for now. I'm not feeling overly wordy, so I'll post a photo diary of the baby doves over to the side. Have fun browsing our little babies!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Going in and out of my driveway is currently like competing in an Olympic sport. It's a luge track, I tell you, long, narrow, and extremely icy. Add to that, the fact that I'm driving an SUV in which I can barely see over the steering wheel, and I've got issues. Issues that occur over and over and over and over multiple times a day as I run here, there, and everywhere just doing my life. Because you see, "doing my life" means that I'm jumping in and out of my car and driving up and down the luge track that was once my driveway, about 34 times a day. It's irritating. The snow that was, for a few glorious days, fun and pretty, is now icy, annoying, dirty, and ugly. I'm over it and I'm ready to move on to spring.

Zeke has enjoyed the snow though. I guess all this whiteness is a dream come true for a 4 year old. Snow days, sledding, hot cocoa and pizza parties with friends...what's not to love? Today I put some food coloring in a squirt bottle and let him "paint" the snow. He had tons of fun. After he emptied the squirt bottle and I told him it was time to come in (mostly because I was shivering and freezing and sooooo extremely ready for a hot cup of tea), he stomped in angrily and told me he wanted to keep playing. I told him that was enough outside time for today and we'd do more tomorrow. As I shuffled him upstairs for some snuggle/tv time, I asked him to carry up a few books that needed to go into my bedroom. My hands were already full of folded laundry, so I needed an extra hand getting the books up. Well, I guess he was irritated and tired and cold and whatever...but he blurted out on his way up: "WHY ARE YOU SO HELPLESS?????" Ummmmmmmmmm......what? Why am I so helpless? Like, when was the last time I asked you for EVERY SINGLE TINY THING I NEEDED TO LIVE???? What the heck is with this kid? Amazing how quickly he forgets where his next meal is cooked.

So, that's it for now from here. Dealing with the snow, hating the frigid air, but enjoying time with my baby and my hubs. Come on spring...

Monday, February 8, 2010

i'll take the gray, hooded one.

0nce again, it's time to play catch up. shocking that i haven't posted in over a week. i'm in a funk with posting life news at the moment, i guess. when i lost my friend to cancer a month ago, things got strange. i started thinking that my little posts about going to the park or to a museum were RIDICULOUS compared to the fact that my friend is now no longer even walking the earth. but slowly (like snail's pace-slowly), i'm figuring out that it most certainly is the news about the park outings, the moonbounces, and the museum trips that are worth posting. these are the days, my days, with my kiddo. and they need to be logged, jotted down, photographed, remembered. this is a life i'm working on here...a little person i'm growing...and he deserves to be blogged.

so, based on all of that supreme knowledge, here's what we've been up to:

-every tuesday morning, we go to science camp. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. love it. last week was baby animals week. helllllo.....what more could a kid want than to start his day with an hour-long class about baby ANIMALS. sweeet.

-the carpenters and painters are finally finished in our den. it looks really awesome. now i've slammed pauly with the hard facts: i can't live without new furniture in the room. the old stuff doesn't match and won't work. sorry. so, to make a long story short, the new furniture is supposed to be delivered on wednesday. woman wins.

-but, another g.d. snowstorm is supposed to hit smack dab in the middle of my furniture festivities. the snow is supposed to come in hard tuesday night through wednesday - directly in the middle of my scheduled delivery. woman may lose. temporarily. still a big ew for woman.

-on a sad note, my little chi-chi timmy is coughing more and more each day. his heart is beating hard in his chest and i feel like i'm watching him slip away each day. he has congestive heart failure and is doing one day at a time at the moment. i love my timmy. he was the perfect addition to our little family 11 years ago when it was just pauly, otto (our first chi-chi) and me. timmy is a smiley little creature with the most beautiful colors i've ever seen on a doggie. the caramel colors around his face are delicious. the browns on his back are gorgeous enough to make me want to go brunette. and the white fur around his neck is so soft that i call it his "bunny fur". i can't imagine saying goodbye to my tim-tim. he's my sweet, sweet baby boy. i really pray that i can face whatever is in store for me with my pup. i pray and pray and pray. because i love my pups so darn much....

ugh. so that's it. a bunch of incomplete sentences, terrible grammar, and no capitalization. but that's about all i can muster in the middle of february with snow all around and 2 feet more of it on the way. spring isn't even a blip on the radar and i find myself only wanting to wear heavy, hooded sweatshirts so i can pull the hood up tight over my head. maybe i'm trying to stay warm in all of this white mess....or maybe i'm trying to drown out the sound of reality on the horizon. either way, i just want to go on wearing my hoodies for now. :(

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday (to me).

This week is the week of The Great Hatch. Now, for those of you who aren't following my waaaaaaaaay exciting life on Facebook, let me fill you in (60 Cent!). About a month ago, Zeke convinced me to buy him a pair of doves. We had stopped in a pet store to browse (what a retarded idea, knowing my propensity to bring home all things cute...), and that's when we saw the doves. Zeke asked and I obliged. Pauly had no idea they were here until he heard the coo-coo-cooing and realized something was askew. Now, Pauly will ALWAYS say no when asked if we can adopt a new pet. I guess it's the gaybird "responsible" side of him surfacing. Buuuuuttt, when faced with the notion of actually kicking out an animal that has already been brought home? No waaaay will he do that. That's when the tough facade cracks. He, like me, sees the sweet soul of each little creature and simply can't abandon them. I guess that's why I married him in the first place. If he hunted or smoked, I never would have EVEN given him a second look. But anyway, the doves are now here and are part of our brood. One thing I hadn't bargained for when I brought home these sweeties is the fact that they're a breeding pair. Yep, they're ready to populate all 4 bedrooms of my house and possibly even the man-cave with little dove babies given enough time. As I type, Diane (the female) is sitting on her first pair of eggs, anxiously awaiting their hatch. So, I've dubbed this the week of The Great Hatch. It'll be our first experience with hatching. Our first experience watching new animal life come into the world. And our first experience watching it from the comfort of our own home. I have to say...I'm like a kid at Christmas.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Contractors and co-pays.

In the spirit of my Carpe Diem attitude lately, I've decided it's time to spend a bit of money. If we're doing the whole "full disclosure" thing-a-ma-jig, I guess I should say I'm spending more than a "bit" at the moment. But, it's worth it. I'm renovating an entire room on our first floor and it's beginning to take shape into exactly what I imagined. Here's the deal though: one of the carpenters working for us just had a baby. Awesome, right? Yeah. But here's the rough part: he was recently laid off from his full time job - and this was after buying a new home to start his nice new family life. I've been so rocked by the total sadness of this guy's situation that it hurts. He's a super-nice guy, hardworking, quiet...a simple, quiet man who is now searching high and low for work because he's one of the many catastrophes that's happening as a result of the economy taking a nosedive. This is the first real example I've experienced of the crappy economy. I've read about people losing their houses, their cars, their businesses in the newspapers. But to hear that this guy has a 2 week old baby and no health insurance??? I'm stunned to silence. And that just doesn't usually happen.

I'm lucky to have what I have and be where I am. I'm lucky for so many reasons and maybe for even meeting my carpenter. He has made me realize that small things - things like a $15 co-pay - are things for which to be thankful. Because his co-pays may take him years to payback.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Grab the ball and run

I've noticed something very strange about life: it keeps on truckin'. And, whether you're in it or you're keeps on moving. The sun rises the next day, everyone wakes up, has their caffeine hit, and proceeds with their day. This has shocked me into a morbid reality lately. The reality that I'm kinda' disposable. I mean, not in a depressing/I-want-to-slit-my-wrists kind of way, but in a way that shakes the cobwebs out of my mind and makes me realize that life must be lived...and NOW. I can't simply auto-pilot through my day, counting down the hours until it's time to crawl back into bed. It won't cut it. I need to grasp it. Observe it. Make it a teachable moment for my kid and even for myself. I need to LIVE the hours of my life. So even if I'm just trekking to the park or to Chuck E. (crappy) Cheese, I'm gonna' grasp it. For the sake of the friends who aren't here and wish they were - even for just one more sunset.

~In Memory of Shari~

Monday, January 11, 2010

Silenced too soon.

I'm troubled tonight in a way that goes beyond words on a stupid blog. The deal is: a friend of mine died. There it is. Pretty blunt and out there, huh? Well, that's how I feel about it. She and I were quite close at one time...but our friendship was interrupted by cancer. And yeah, that's cancer with a small "c" because it just doesn't ever deserve a capital one. Once my friend started battling the disgusting disease, our time for long phone chats, dinners at Bucca, and spur of the moment pizza dinners when the hubbies were working late just seemed to vanish. Suddenly her time became filled with simply surviving. I, along with her amazing core group of friends, supported her and prayed for her, but it seemingly wasn't enough. This amazing, vibrant, fun, vivacious, creative, loving friend/mother/wife is just gone. And tomorrow we bury her and the hope for her cure. I can't stand the thought of tomorrow and all that it stands for. Because tomorrow means that it's for real: my friend is no longer here to talk to, email, call, read her blog, or simply laugh with. And it's the laughter that I'll really miss. That laughter was contagious and big and loud and good. The kind I think I'll have to wait for a lifetime to hear again.

Jam of the Day | Matthew Ryan - The Wilderness

Jam of the Day Matthew Ryan - The Wilderness

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

It took a decade to create this list.

Haven't posted in a while. I think my blog is mad at me. Sorry, sorry, it's been too insane to stop and download photos or even get a thought down in here. But here's the scoop: tomorrow school starts again for Zeke and that means it's the official end of the holidays. I'm so sad about that. I'm not ready to move into a new year, let alone a new decade. I'm procrastinating, dragging my feet, and feeling sappy about things that are moving too fast. Before I know it, June will be here and my baby will be on summer break. I hate how time is flying by. Grab it, hold onto's all so fleeting.

So, my friend Missy over at The Fox and the Crow summed up her decade with a pretty mind twisting list. I'm stealing it and repeating here on my blog with my own decade memories, hoping that she doesn't mind the thievery:

Best Day: the day I gave birth to Zeke
Worst Day: I have to agree with Missy, 9/11/01

Best Decision: to adopt our third dog, Simon
Worst Decision: to allow Nixon (a family dog) to be adopted out

Best Realization: that I WAS meant to be a mom, after all
Worst Realization: that I probably wouldn't be able to fulfill all of my career goals

Biggest Hope: that I make the best decisions regarding Zeke's education
Biggest Fear: that the new Lupus drug, Benlysta, won't pass FDA approval and my Lupus will get worse.

Best Year: not sure, but '09 has been pretty good.
Worst Year: 2001. 9/11 made me realize how vulnerable we are.

People I can't live without: Paul & Zeke
People I can live without: dead weights in my life

Best Fashion Find: long, shawl collared sweater
Worst Fashion Find: long, shawl collared sweater (love 'em, but they make me look even shorter)

Fashion Obsession: OMG, purses, of course
Fashion Hate: yeah, I agree with Missy, UGGS. And I'm not ashamed to say that I wore a pair for 10 minutes back in '08. What was I thinking?

Best Food/Drink Find: Ty-Phoo tea from England
Worst Food/Drink Find: Hawaiian Pizza - McMahon made me try it and I tasted bacon for hours.

Food/Drink Love: Tacconelli's pizza
Food/Drink Hate: any food with meat and any drink with milk

TV Love: Jockeys, Lost, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Bridezillas, Jersey Shore, Big Brother
TV Hate: Two and a Half Men (I hate most of the Sheens. Emilio seems okay based on the fact that he changed his last name, seemingly disassociating himself from the other Sheen bozos).

Internet Love:
Internet Hate: Twitter (don't waste your time telling me that you're about to take out the recycles. I'm not about to care.)

Best Development: Zeke learning the nuances of all of the Nancy/Paul jokes and when to interject the appropriate punch lines
Worst Development: Timmy's (my 2nd chihuahua) heart condition

Best Investment: our current home
Worst Investment: BOTH of the old Volvos we purchased thinking we'd drive them for 50 years. No such luck.

Best Travel: England
Worst Travel: Philadelphia (it's not really "travel" but it takes us about 30 minutes to get there and it seems to irritate me EVERY time.)

Personal Empowerment: being on the verge of 40
Personal Struggle: career deprivation

Best Accomplishment: Zeke and my marriage
Worst Failure: I've lost faith in the Catholic church.

How I Started This Decade: unsure
How I'm Ending This Decade: confident in myself as a woman, loved by my family, in love with my boys, hopeful for a healthier future, determined to find career fulfillment, kinder to the animal world, and on a mission to educate people about the importance of respecting animals even if you don't choose to love them.

Happy 2010 everyone. May it be peaceful and filled with love.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Things I liked this weekend:

1. watching the weatherpeople get all NUTTO about the impending snow storm
2. getting all psyched up for the storm
3. watching all the snow fall during the storm
4. going outside and playing in the snow for just a little while (it was COLD out there)
5. the hot cocoa and snuggling under the cozy blankets after we came in
6. the fact that Timmy seemed to REALLY, REALLY enjoy the tiny pathway that Pauly shoveled out front. Timmy ran like the wind - it was a good sight to see.

Things I disliked this weekend:

1. dealing with gross, hungover guys who were out to make tons of cash off of people needing their driveways plowed. Thankfully, one of our neighbors came by with a plow attached to his Jeep and plowed us out. After calling to cancel the gross guy's plow, he told me I had to pay a $30 surcharge for cancelling. Ummmmmm, yeah, ok, send me the bill and hold your breath waiting for me to pay, Mr. Creepy Gross Guy.

2. the fact that Timmy's vet had to add another medication to his regimen. Timmy's heart problem is progressing and there's nothing much I can do about it other than medicate him and love him up. My little, sweet Timmy. I can't face the fact that he's got a sick ticker. :(

3. dealing with a 3-day-old migraine. Ok, Mr.'ve made your point. You can go now.

So, that's not too bad. The pros waaaay outweigh the cons for the weekend. Nice. I guess the glass ended up half full. Now on to Christmas week...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It's been a bit since I last posted - the holiday madness has definitely set in. Every night I think to myself "I really want to go in there and post something fabulous"...then I get tangled up with a thousand other things. But here are some things that have crossed my mind that are "post-worthy":

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULY. Sorry I didn't post this back on the 10th, but we were busy partying down with the family. May your next year be filled with love, laughter, and a feeling a peace. If we continue to follow our heads and hearts and stick to our "GWBD", then I know we will always end up ok and together. Happy, happy...and many, many, many, many more.

2. Ok, other than birthdays, my "normal" days are getting a bit odd lately. Zeke questions everything. Everything. Nothing slips by. Like, on mornings when I just want to drive with the radio on and sip my tea quietly, I'll hear a small voice from the back asking me "what is that orange box on all the trees"? So I look. I DO see the orange boxes on the all of the trees as we pass them, but to be honest, I've never given them a second thought. I just figured, they were, well, just there. Maybe it's a PECO thing? Maybe it's a water company thing? Or maybe it's some cool new environmental dealio that is monitoring the health of any tree that is past a certain age. All I know is that I DON'T KNOW. And in the morning, a cold morning at that, I just DON'T WANT TO KNOW. And I don't want to Google it or Bing it or whatever the heck I could do to figure it out and enlighten my kid. I just want to sip my tea and listen to the radio. I don't want to discover new and important stuff. Not at 8 in the morning. Talk to me after lunch. I'm a better mommy after noontime and a half day's worth of caffeine.

3. I don't like my Christmas card this year. I put a lot of time into finding a good one, then settled on a crappy one. So, when you get it from me, just know this: it does not in any way represent my taste, lifestyle or mood. I hate the color red, don't particularly like polka-dots, and I'm not really into the "retro-y" style of goods that are out and about these days. My Christmas card is all of the aforementioned and I think it's really ugly. I apologize in advance for hurting your eyes - especially when you have to squint super-duper hard to read our signature line - it's retardedly tiny print. What a total WOM. Waste of money, that is. Should've e-carded...

4. Here's a big bloggy high five to my friend Rick who apparently reads my little site here on a regular basis. I honestly thought I was typing into cyberspace - a big, black abyss - where nobody ever came around and clicked me. It's nice to get clicked. Clicks make me feel, well, needed. Clicks make all this typing worthwhile. Thanks for the clicks, Rick. You rock. But, you already knew that... :)

That's it for now - more later and tons of pix coming up. Enjoy the mayhem of the holiday. Or at least survive it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

See a free movie - compliments of General Mills!

Sooooooooooooooooo...I don't usually blog about this type of thing BUT...I just have to tell you about this little freebie deal that General Mills has sent my way. Just for being a super-awesome blogger (if I do say so myself!) General Mills mailed me a package complete with 4 free tickets to the movies! How do you like that?!?!?!! You see, they're trying to hype their new promotion where you buy 2 specially marked packages of GM cereals (such as Trix - yum. Um, heck yeah, they're sooo not just for kids!), you enter the codes that are stamped on the inside of the boxes at the website on the box, and voila!, you've got yourself a free movie!!! It's a totally sweet deal, especially if you're like Zeke and you eat your cereal out of buckets instead of bowls! Why waste those codes - don't throw them away - enter them today and get your free movie.

And one more thing...if you are the first to comment on my posting here with your name and address, General Mills will happily supply me with one more 4 pack of movie tickets just for you! GET COMMENTING!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

One bed, one bath.

I'm slightly obsessed with real estate. When the Sunday paper arrives, I like to scour the real estate section just out of curiosity. Whenever I see a "For Sale" sign pointed down a street I've always loved, I take a little detour to do a drive-by. I'm constantly on poking around...and really, I don't know why. I love where we live. I love our life and our yard and our home. Which brings me to today's real estate section of the newspaper. Typically there's an article I read that describes in glorious detail the ammmmmmmmaaaaaazing interior and exterior of some gorgeous digs in some scrumptious neighborhood that makes me giggle and wiggle in my chair as I read each and every word. By the end of the article, I'm ready to go to the Home Depot and redesign at least 6 of the rooms in my own happy haven. But today's article was oddly different. It detailed a...gulp...tiny rowhome. I made it past the first paragraph (mostly because the picture attached to the article had the homeowner standing next to her precious chi-chi mix doggie and I had to give it a chance...), and lo and behold, this story moved me. This rowhome story moved me. The house was tiny but the woman who owned it loved it. She took care of it. She made it special and unique - it reflected her and her own lovely quirks. The tiny lawn out front was meticulous with pretty annuals and perennials. The quaint little backyard was a cozy little nook for her and her pooch to enjoy. And that's what struck me. This woman, this amazing, hardworking and humble woman truly enjoyed her tiny little piece of the earth. It was hers. It may have been diminutive but to her it was everything. It was where she laid her head happily at night and knew she was safe and warm. It was where she hung her family pictures and set her pretty Hummels. It was the sacred little home she shared with her rescued tiny mutt. And that was all she needed to be happy. Good for her. And even better for me for reading about it.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

You say it's your birthday?

Hey Pop Pop Ebs!

Hope you enjoy your day and do something fun! Look for a lil' something special from Zeke in your mailbox!

Happy birthday and many, many more!

Love from us-

Pauly, Nancy, and Zeke

Thursday, November 26, 2009


It's Thanksgiving Day 2009. My house smells yummy and I'm getting ready to get the car packed with all my homemade treats and head up to my brother's house for the big feast. And so begins the holiday.

Today I awoke feeling older and wiser. I used to not really care about Thanksgiving. It was just that pain-in-the-butt day before Black Friday when I was in limbo waiting for all the big sales to start. But is different. I feel...thankful. Yeah, I know, it's nothing too creative or earth shattering due to the fact that Facebook is CRAMMED with every one's reasons for being blessed and today is the "normal" day everyone stops to give thanks. But even if today weren't Thanksgiving I think I'd feel this way. You see, I watched this movie called Mammoth last night. And Mammoth changed me. It opened my eyes - even more - to the fact that I'm am so extremely lucky to be able to be home with Zeke as he grows up. I won't summarize the movie - go watch it if you have any interest because it really is moving and amazing. But I will say, that as a "stay-at-home-mom" (that title always cracks me up because as so many people know who try to call me and can never get me, I'M NEVER AT HOME!!!), the movie Mammoth sent my brain reeling into that mode of "Oh my God, thank God I'm here with my kid, walking through life with him, giving him everything he needs, and being his rock." At one time, many many centuries ago, I never thought I'd ever want a child. I thought that my life was great just working, having my pups, having lots of money and cool cars and going to dinners and movies and shopping and blah, blah, blah. Then Zeke came along. And my work seemed meaningless if someone else was raising him. So I quit. And we didn't have as much money, but we still felt rich. Even richer, actually, because we all smiled a whole lot more.

Fast forward four years. Yeah, if I had been working these past four years we may have lots more in savings, lots more in our retirement and tons more "stuff". But my child would also have been raised by a stranger. He wouldn't ask for me when he knocked his front tooth out or when he got road rash on his knees and elbows. I wouldn't have been there to see him write his name for the first time. I wouldn't have held his hand as we strolled through tons of museums and libraries and sat through movies together eating buttery popcorn. And I wouldn't have been the one to hug him tight when something thrilled him, scared him, chilled him or just simply moved him to say "I love you".

I'm thankful, eternally, to God, my husband, and to my Zeke for opening my eyes to Thanksgiving. It's real and it's powerful. And it's not all about the countdown to the big sales. Imagine that.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Tomorrow Zeke and I have to take all three of the dogs to the vet. Two people, three canines...going to the vet. Doesn't sound like a recipe for goodness. Otto may already have an idea based on the fact that he's half human and probably peeked at the calendar hanging on my fridge. Timmy is clueless and won't realize what's going on until Dr. Jane sticks a needle the size of his leg into his back. And Simon? Let's just say that Sy won't go down without a fight (and a tiny little muzzle - get out the hair scrunchie).

On a brighter note: this evening I was finally able to pick my first lemon off of my Mother's Day Lemon Tree. I've been waiting for about 150 days (literally) to pick this lemon and I've never tasted something so sour but so sweet. That tree was given to me out of love, I've nurtured it and babied it since I saw it, and to see it so happy and so healthy makes me smile. It's tiny little things like a homegrown lemon that count people...really, they do.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thieves like us.

Today's weather put me in such a good mood. It was sunny and 70 - the perfect day to get outside and rake some leaves, plant some ornamental cabbages, and tidy up the front of the house. My puppies and my boys were out there with me and the sun was shining down on us as if there wasn't a problem in the world. Sounds idyllic, huh? Well, don't be fooled. My bubble was burst a few nights ago and since then, I've been walking around with a big chip on my shoulder. Here's the deal: 8 years ago, Pauly and I moved to this neighborhood because we loved the fact that it was quiet and peaceful and that we had a really pretty horse farm backing up to our property. We fell in love with the land and the house and the views and decided we'd take a chance and make it ours. Well, on Friday night both of our vehicles were robbed. You see, it's sooooo quiet and peaceful around here, that we tend to leave our cars out of the garage, unlocked and sometimes even with the windows rolled down! It was always just "that type of neighborhood". Not anymore. Now it's one of "those types of neighborhoods". Ya' know...the type that has thieves walking around in them. How pathetic. How disgusting. And really, how life-changing. Now, it's really no big deal when I think about what they took: my iPod, my GPS, some gift cards, Pauly's laptop, etc. All of the items stolen can and will be replaced. What can't be replaced is that feeling of "wow, what a great place this is to live in". I no longer feel that way. Now I'm nervous. Now I'm checking and double-checking the doors at night. Now I'm parking in the garage. Now I'm leaving bright lights on outside and disturbing the nocturnal wildlife that used to hang around our property in the faint light of the moon. It's sad. And it's unnatural. We should all be able to co-exist and live peacefully - with each other and with the animals around us. But somewhere along the way it has gotten all muddled up. And in that muddled mess, fear has been bred. I just don't know how to explain to the next generation why we need to acknowledge that fear and slap locks on everything. Because really, I don't believe we should have to.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I'm a little irritated today. Irritated because some things just don't work out exactly the way I want them to all of the time. Today is one of those days. A day that gets under my skin, gnaws at my gut, and reminds me that I can't and won't ever be fully in control of everything. That...that little fact...really seems to put a damper on things. Today the fact that I have Lupus is bringing me down. And I've refused for many years to allow the "L" word to sink it's teeth into my psyche or my soul. But today is different because today I find it hard to hold a pen or even type this post. Today the Lupus is attacking the bones in my hands and well, it just really sucks. I've dropped so many things in the past 24 hours that I've stopped counting. I've winced in pain as I tried to grab the bag of groceries from the guy at Giant. And I've gulped down a ton of Motrin trying to forget that my hands are fighting a battle that is ongoing and downright irritating. But more than anything, I feel a little bit defeated when I get like this. Is this really how it's going to be? Am I going to allow something like Lupus control my destiny and my life? And more importantly, do I have a choice? I'm saying YES. Yes I have a choice and yes I'm going to be fine. Because that's the path I choose. The hand thing? This will pass. Just like the knee sitch passed a few weeks ago. And the neck sitch, and the hip sitch, and the eye sitch, etc., etc., etc. They all came and went and I was still left here..."just plain Nancy". The Lupus won't be a part of who I'll just be a gnat flying around my head as I trek through life. But some days...gosh, some days that gnat just keeps buzzing a little too close to my ear.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Weenie meanies.

Wow. It's been a while since I've posted. Life moves fast when you're in the left lane, I suppose. In my mind, I try to stay in neutral..ya' know..look around, smell the roses, that sort of thing..but in reality I think I'm always zipping about trying to accomplish this, that, and the other thing. If I'm not actually doing something, I'm THINKING about what I'm GOING to be doing in the near future. But that's a story for a later date.

So, what's new news here, you ask? Halloween '09 happened. I found the actual Halloween night to be a MAJOR, COMPLETE, TOTAL bomb. Lucky for Zeke, he had about 3 or 4 other events before the 31st to celebrate and wear his costume. I, on the other hand, just didn't get my fill of the 'Weenie. To start off, it rained. Ok, I've trick-or-treated in the rain before and still scored tons of loot. Rain can be dealt with. But here's what made the night really lame: Zeke and I were the only people out on our street knocking on doors. One guy didn't even know why we were at his doorstep!!!! It was a very awkward moment - my kid and me standing there, hands out, smiling big, and this guy in his lounge wear looking at us with a puzzled stare. WHAT DID HE THINK "TRICK OR TREAT" MEANT????? OH MY GOD. By the time we got home, we were wet, sweaty (because it was a humid, muggy, rainy night and God knows we have to walk like 26 miles to get to 7 houses around here....SO not worth it) and in horrible moods. The one thing I knew would cheer both Zeke and me up was the dumping of the candy onto the kitchen table and the celebration of the score. So, we took off our wet gear, put away the flashlights, and ran for the kitchen with the goodie bag. Zeke dumped the HUMONGOUS bag onto the table as we all held our breath and.................................6 candy bars dropped out. 6. SIX. Six. SIIIIIXXXXX. And about 4 of them were tiny little bite sized bars. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. What was the point of this 'Weenie Mission? Why did we even trek all around our neighborhood, knocking on doors, making small talk, showing off the costume, etc., etc.??? I mean, I had an entire bowl of enormous Snickers bars sitting at the front door just waiting for some Michael Jackson Ghosts or Transformers to show up and hold out their goody bags! Couldn't I have simply filled Zeke's bag up with our own stash? The answer is simple: no. Halloween is about getting out there and visiting your neighbors. Not texting them, not emailing them, not phoning them, and not simply waving to them as you do 40 m.p.h. past their driveway in a rush to get to your next appointment. It's a time to pretend - a time for the kids to pretend they're someone or something else and for us parents to pretend we actually have the time to stand on each others' doorsteps and chat for a bit. And that's why next year, despite the 6 tiny little candy bars in Zeke's huge bag, we'll still be out there all alone in our neighborhood, knocking on doors and saying "Happy Halloween".

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