Tuesday, December 8, 2009

See a free movie - compliments of General Mills!

Sooooooooooooooooo...I don't usually blog about this type of thing BUT...I just have to tell you about this little freebie deal that General Mills has sent my way. Just for being a super-awesome blogger (if I do say so myself!) General Mills mailed me a package complete with 4 free tickets to the movies! How do you like that?!?!?!! You see, they're trying to hype their new promotion where you buy 2 specially marked packages of GM cereals (such as Trix - yum. Um, heck yeah, they're sooo not just for kids!), you enter the codes that are stamped on the inside of the boxes at the website on the box, and voila!, you've got yourself a free movie!!! It's a totally sweet deal, especially if you're like Zeke and you eat your cereal out of buckets instead of bowls! Why waste those codes - don't throw them away - enter them today and get your free movie.

And one more thing...if you are the first to comment on my posting here with your name and address, General Mills will happily supply me with one more 4 pack of movie tickets just for you! GET COMMENTING!!!

1 comment:

wwwcountrydays said...

Send me one. You know my address. I love General Mills cereals.

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