Sunday, December 20, 2009


Things I liked this weekend:

1. watching the weatherpeople get all NUTTO about the impending snow storm
2. getting all psyched up for the storm
3. watching all the snow fall during the storm
4. going outside and playing in the snow for just a little while (it was COLD out there)
5. the hot cocoa and snuggling under the cozy blankets after we came in
6. the fact that Timmy seemed to REALLY, REALLY enjoy the tiny pathway that Pauly shoveled out front. Timmy ran like the wind - it was a good sight to see.

Things I disliked this weekend:

1. dealing with gross, hungover guys who were out to make tons of cash off of people needing their driveways plowed. Thankfully, one of our neighbors came by with a plow attached to his Jeep and plowed us out. After calling to cancel the gross guy's plow, he told me I had to pay a $30 surcharge for cancelling. Ummmmmm, yeah, ok, send me the bill and hold your breath waiting for me to pay, Mr. Creepy Gross Guy.

2. the fact that Timmy's vet had to add another medication to his regimen. Timmy's heart problem is progressing and there's nothing much I can do about it other than medicate him and love him up. My little, sweet Timmy. I can't face the fact that he's got a sick ticker. :(

3. dealing with a 3-day-old migraine. Ok, Mr.'ve made your point. You can go now.

So, that's not too bad. The pros waaaay outweigh the cons for the weekend. Nice. I guess the glass ended up half full. Now on to Christmas week...

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