Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday (to me).

This week is the week of The Great Hatch. Now, for those of you who aren't following my waaaaaaaaay exciting life on Facebook, let me fill you in (60 Cent!). About a month ago, Zeke convinced me to buy him a pair of doves. We had stopped in a pet store to browse (what a retarded idea, knowing my propensity to bring home all things cute...), and that's when we saw the doves. Zeke asked and I obliged. Pauly had no idea they were here until he heard the coo-coo-cooing and realized something was askew. Now, Pauly will ALWAYS say no when asked if we can adopt a new pet. I guess it's the gaybird "responsible" side of him surfacing. Buuuuuttt, when faced with the notion of actually kicking out an animal that has already been brought home? No waaaay will he do that. That's when the tough facade cracks. He, like me, sees the sweet soul of each little creature and simply can't abandon them. I guess that's why I married him in the first place. If he hunted or smoked, I never would have EVEN given him a second look. But anyway, the doves are now here and are part of our brood. One thing I hadn't bargained for when I brought home these sweeties is the fact that they're a breeding pair. Yep, they're ready to populate all 4 bedrooms of my house and possibly even the man-cave with little dove babies given enough time. As I type, Diane (the female) is sitting on her first pair of eggs, anxiously awaiting their hatch. So, I've dubbed this the week of The Great Hatch. It'll be our first experience with hatching. Our first experience watching new animal life come into the world. And our first experience watching it from the comfort of our own home. I have to say...I'm like a kid at Christmas.

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Margie G. said...

Congrats! You won my souper giveaway over at Gunning It....just send me an email w/your name and address so I can submit to Progresso :-)

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