Monday, February 8, 2010

i'll take the gray, hooded one.

0nce again, it's time to play catch up. shocking that i haven't posted in over a week. i'm in a funk with posting life news at the moment, i guess. when i lost my friend to cancer a month ago, things got strange. i started thinking that my little posts about going to the park or to a museum were RIDICULOUS compared to the fact that my friend is now no longer even walking the earth. but slowly (like snail's pace-slowly), i'm figuring out that it most certainly is the news about the park outings, the moonbounces, and the museum trips that are worth posting. these are the days, my days, with my kiddo. and they need to be logged, jotted down, photographed, remembered. this is a life i'm working on here...a little person i'm growing...and he deserves to be blogged.

so, based on all of that supreme knowledge, here's what we've been up to:

-every tuesday morning, we go to science camp. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. love it. last week was baby animals week. helllllo.....what more could a kid want than to start his day with an hour-long class about baby ANIMALS. sweeet.

-the carpenters and painters are finally finished in our den. it looks really awesome. now i've slammed pauly with the hard facts: i can't live without new furniture in the room. the old stuff doesn't match and won't work. sorry. so, to make a long story short, the new furniture is supposed to be delivered on wednesday. woman wins.

-but, another g.d. snowstorm is supposed to hit smack dab in the middle of my furniture festivities. the snow is supposed to come in hard tuesday night through wednesday - directly in the middle of my scheduled delivery. woman may lose. temporarily. still a big ew for woman.

-on a sad note, my little chi-chi timmy is coughing more and more each day. his heart is beating hard in his chest and i feel like i'm watching him slip away each day. he has congestive heart failure and is doing one day at a time at the moment. i love my timmy. he was the perfect addition to our little family 11 years ago when it was just pauly, otto (our first chi-chi) and me. timmy is a smiley little creature with the most beautiful colors i've ever seen on a doggie. the caramel colors around his face are delicious. the browns on his back are gorgeous enough to make me want to go brunette. and the white fur around his neck is so soft that i call it his "bunny fur". i can't imagine saying goodbye to my tim-tim. he's my sweet, sweet baby boy. i really pray that i can face whatever is in store for me with my pup. i pray and pray and pray. because i love my pups so darn much....

ugh. so that's it. a bunch of incomplete sentences, terrible grammar, and no capitalization. but that's about all i can muster in the middle of february with snow all around and 2 feet more of it on the way. spring isn't even a blip on the radar and i find myself only wanting to wear heavy, hooded sweatshirts so i can pull the hood up tight over my head. maybe i'm trying to stay warm in all of this white mess....or maybe i'm trying to drown out the sound of reality on the horizon. either way, i just want to go on wearing my hoodies for now. :(

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Jenn said...

Well Timmy is a sweet heart! His heart is just to big for his little body he has soooo much love. Alex and Lilly both love him they think its so cool that he lets them pet him while the others rage up stairs. Good to see you posting again I look forward to it an yes I missed hearing your voice ring right through and make me smile!

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