Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Going in and out of my driveway is currently like competing in an Olympic sport. It's a luge track, I tell you, long, narrow, and extremely icy. Add to that, the fact that I'm driving an SUV in which I can barely see over the steering wheel, and I've got issues. Issues that occur over and over and over and over multiple times a day as I run here, there, and everywhere just doing my life. Because you see, "doing my life" means that I'm jumping in and out of my car and driving up and down the luge track that was once my driveway, about 34 times a day. It's irritating. The snow that was, for a few glorious days, fun and pretty, is now icy, annoying, dirty, and ugly. I'm over it and I'm ready to move on to spring.

Zeke has enjoyed the snow though. I guess all this whiteness is a dream come true for a 4 year old. Snow days, sledding, hot cocoa and pizza parties with friends...what's not to love? Today I put some food coloring in a squirt bottle and let him "paint" the snow. He had tons of fun. After he emptied the squirt bottle and I told him it was time to come in (mostly because I was shivering and freezing and sooooo extremely ready for a hot cup of tea), he stomped in angrily and told me he wanted to keep playing. I told him that was enough outside time for today and we'd do more tomorrow. As I shuffled him upstairs for some snuggle/tv time, I asked him to carry up a few books that needed to go into my bedroom. My hands were already full of folded laundry, so I needed an extra hand getting the books up. Well, I guess he was irritated and tired and cold and whatever...but he blurted out on his way up: "WHY ARE YOU SO HELPLESS?????" Ummmmmmmmmm......what? Why am I so helpless? Like, when was the last time I asked you for EVERY SINGLE TINY THING I NEEDED TO LIVE???? What the heck is with this kid? Amazing how quickly he forgets where his next meal is cooked.

So, that's it for now from here. Dealing with the snow, hating the frigid air, but enjoying time with my baby and my hubs. Come on spring...


Jenn said...

This is so funny cause when you dropped Zeke off at my house he walked in and said my mom is helpless. I meant to ask you what he was talking about but he talked to Lilly and Alex about how you could not do anything for yourself.HAHAHA well at leaswt now you know what all of preschool knows. Gotta love kids.

Jenn said...

Should I be worried I am headed over to your house maybe I will walk the kids down:)

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