Thursday, April 29, 2010

Outside lite.

So lately Pauly and I have really been working on getting healthier. We've been watching our diets and exercising much more frequently. It's been great - we've both lost around 8 or 9 pounds and have become more fit because of our efforts. Besides all of the blah, blah, blah stuff about the weight loss junk that most people would normally say, I've found more things that have made me happy about my recent health sitch. First, most of our exercise has been taking place outdoors. I've never really considered myself "outdoorsy", but I'm totally NOT an indoorsy type either. I'd say I'm a girl who loves to be outside, with her makeup on, hair looking nice, and wearing a pretty decent get-up. I'm okay with getting a bit dirty, but I'll have nothing to do with getting super buggy, overly muddy, too sweaty, or, of course, killing/fishing/catching any type of animal. But the types of outdoor activities we've been doing all fall nicely into my Rules & Regulations, so it's been a blast. We've hiked, walked, rode and yes, wallowed through a few muddy trails. We've found nice new places to exercise and revisited some old haunts that are now back on our list of top places to frequent. All along, Zeke has been right by our side, covering every mile like a little trooper. He hikes and rides right along with us. It's actually pretty amazing the miles he has covered with his little legs. But he too just loves it. And along with an ever-so-slight loosening of my waistband, I'm feeling oh-so-much closer to my boys. I love spending this time with them. There's no sound of television in the background, no music, not much chattering. It's just the three of us out there...on the trails...enjoying each others' silence.

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