Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Absence makes you love me more. I think.

I'm not EVEN going to go into making excuses for why I'm so behind on posting. I've been busy. Just busy. I'll post pictures to keep my crazy, enormous fan base up-to-date on our lives over here at 3's Co. But for now, here's a quick synopsis of what's been happenin':

Zeke and I have listened to and met Matthew Ryan on the 10 Show, Pauly and I had a great date night at the Tin Angel in Philly when Matthew Ryan played a show there the same night, my family and I celebrated my Mom's birthday at Bucca di Beppo with a ginormous pasta dinner (yum!), Zeke's doves have procreated YET AGAIN making our total count coming in at a whopping 6 doves, Zeke still enjoys his hot tubby at night with bubbles and pretends he's Bubble Boy (see picture), all three of us enjoyed a quick trip to the gorgeous Longwood Gardens, Zeke and I joined Mom Mom Mare at the College for a show with Taiko drummers and dancers from Tamagawa University in Japan, we're in bigtime planning mode for Zeke's 5th birthday party which has taken on the theme of Backyard Barn - Welcome to the Kane Zoo (complete with travelling petting zoo and pony rides), Zeke went to the dentist for his semi-annual checkup and his big boy teeth are visible via x-ray but definitely not ready to come in yet (guess he'll be looking like a hockey player for another year or so), I'm on a mission to lose a few lbs. so by default that means Pauly is too, we haven't yet decided on a summer vacation - I'm torn between going somewhere amazingly exotic/educational or just jumping on the ridiculous Disney cruise and schlepping around in flip-flops and sunglasses with Mickey Mouse for a week (Zeke's pick, of course), we've searched high and low and contemplated schools for Zeke for Fall '10 and think we've found the perfect place for him, Zeke took a week of swim lessons and all he got out of it was a disgusting bacterial infection on his arm requiring oral antibiotics (I was one angry momma), and finally I've continued to clean up after all these pets I've somehow acquired over the past few months. Lucky I'm not opposed to poop patrol or this house would drown in it...

As you can see, it's been eventful. And that's just a sampling of the happenings. Check the pix for now and I'll try to post more often. But don't hold me to it - the warm Spring air keeps me away from the keyboard now.

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