Wednesday, March 10, 2010

yeah man.

Cool things:

1. Zeke and I are going to be audience members at the 10! Show tomorrow morning. We're specifically going because Matthew Ryan is the featured musical guest, and well, we both loooove his music.

2. The baby doves are about 50 - 65% the size of the mommy and daddy doves now. I feel an overwhelming sense of success knowing that I (along with the parents) brought new life into the world from egg to hatchling to "kid" as Zeke calls them now. Very cool and very inspiring to see how nature works.

3. The auction project for school is complete and although it's certainly no masterpiece, it has 12 little faces shining out from it that are precious and beautiful. When I finally looked at the finished piece I realized that it's not really how an item "turns out"'s how much meaning the process held. Although I was semi-stressed getting this done, I did it out of love for Zeke's class and his school. They've turned my baby boy into quite a confident, smart, and caring kid. And for that I'll volunteer my time anyday.

4. We saw the sun this week and it felt like heaven. I can sense that spring is on it's way and with that comes tons of time outside and fun in the parks, yards, beaches, etc.

5. Zeke wore his first pair of shorts today. There's no going back, baby.


1. I bought a $50 bottle of stuff from the Clinique counter and all it's doing is making my face breakout. How VERY uncool. Obviously, for $50, it really wasn't supposed to do that.

2. My office space in my house is a total wreck. Can'

3. I'm on a diet.

4. I'm treadmilling like a freak and it's only making my joints ache worse. Way, way, way uncool.

So that's it. Cool/uncool list is updated. More to come after tomorrow's insanely awesome day of Matthew Ryan-esque-ness. LOVING IT. If you've got a brain in your head you'll go check out his music. It's (as my older brother used to say when he was about 14 and I now say just because I like it...) deeeeeskins. Awesome music from an awesome songwriter. And then go tell a friend.

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