Thursday, January 6, 2011

Strangers in the night.

The first week of the year is strange.  I have all these things in my head that I want to accomplish...but I have the same energy level as the last week in December.  Blah.  How does one get motivated and energized without ingesting near-toxic levels of caffeine???

This week has begun lots more homework in Zeke's world.  Homework for Zeke = homework for me.  How do people do it that have more than one kid???  I mean, where's the time?  Here's how our night went last night:

1.  3:15 - pickup from school
2.  3:45 - get home, get snack, watch tv in underwear (Zeke, not me)
3.  4:10 - start getting dressed for tennis lessons
4.  4:20 - leave for tennis lessons
5.  4:22 - do a U-turn and come back home to get forgotten tennis racket
6.  4:50 - run into the gym for tennis lesson
7.  5:40 - leave gym
8.  6:10 - get back home and try to figure out dinner
9.  6:30 - slap a dinner of soup and grilled cheese on the table and hope for the best
10.  7:15 - get zeke's homework and bring it down to our home gym so he can do it while I'm on the treadmill
11.  7:30 - I'm on the treadmill, zeke's homework is sitting on the floor next to me, but he's playing basketball with Pauly
12.  8:00 - I freak out b/c it's 8:00 and homework hasn't been done, lunches haven't been packed, and teeth haven't been brushed
13:  8:05 - we go upstairs and start homework
14.  8:40 - still doing some online homework
15.  8:50 - shut down computer and force Zeke into the bathroom for teeth brushing and bed preparation
16.  9:05 - put Zeke in bed with t.v. on for "15 minutes" while I pack lunches and watch a little t.v.
17.  9:30 - was so involved in the Real Housewives rerun that I didn't notice it was 9:30 and my kid was still wide awake on a school night watching Spongebob Squarepants.
18.  9:35 - turn off all electronic devices in Zeke's room, say goodnight, and roll on into my bed
19.  9:50 - hear a noise, walk down the hall, and realize that Zeke has logged into his laptop and is playing Club Penguin under the covers
20.  10:00 - back to my bed after confiscating the laptop
21.  10:30 - check on Zeke and find that he's FINALLY asleep
22.  11-ish - somewhere in here I fall asleep
23.  3:22 a.m. - woken up by Zeke holding 4 teddy bears and a king-sized woobie...he wants to sleep in my bed.
24.  3:23 a.m. - let Zeke and his entourage in my bed, try to curl myself up into the tiniest ball of human ever so I can fit in between 3 dogs, the hubs, a 57-lb kid, and 4 teddy bears.
25. 3:30 a.m. - everyone is asleep, I think I'm drifting off myself....and the doves all start cooing. 
26. 3:31 a.m. - I'm still awake and start thinking about "stuff":  is it considered a murder if I flush all of the eggs that the doves keep laying?, should I try that laundry-thingy that lets you put your colors and your whites all in the same load?, did Zeke eat his lunch that I packed him or did he buy Doritos in the cafeteria and call it a day?, I really need to dump out that huge bag of unmatched socks and do some matching tomorrow, if it snows will the snowblower finally work?, am I getting enough fiber?, blah, blah, blah, blah....
27:  6:10 a.m. - start all over again.

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Haasiegirl said...

that was exhausting to read. LOL!


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