Thursday, March 3, 2011


I like to make lists.  Without lists, I'd still be in the second grade trying to figure out what came after the soft pretzels at recess.  I need to know AND write down what comes next.  So, in honor of my love of lists, here are a few random ones:

Things that I'm obsessing over lately:

1.  trying to grow my nails to a length that I don't think is overly long and gross but long enough that I can peel a Band-Aid off a forehead quickly and effortlessly. 

2.  Gum.  Trident has this new gum out that I love.  But as I said to McMahon, there just aren't enough pieces in the pack.  I wonder if carries it yet so I can buy it by the case.  It's's like a white tea/mint gum...very smooth and nice.

3.  My feet.  I need to get them flip-flop ready.  I've been soaking, loofahing, Vaseline-ing...all the proper pampering techniques for getting a soft foot.  Soon, I'm going to treat myself to a mani/pedi and unveil these wheels of mine...

4.  Our basement floor.  We had a lot of water come in our basement a few months ago.  I decided that it was time for the carpet to go and for a new flooring option to be discovered.  After some thought and research, I decided on stained, decorative concrete.  It's an unbelievably cool look if you have a concrete floor....but the floor prep and staining process has been grueling.  It's almost finished, I love the look, and I can't wait for it to be totally dry so I can arrange my furniture again.


Things Zeke is obsessing over lately:

1.  Basketball, tennis, and skateboarding.  He is devastated that our basement has been out of commission due to the fact that it is his basketball court/tennis court/skateboarding floor.  It is because of his obsessions that I had to make sure our flooring choice was "sports friendly".

2.  Chocolate milk.  Still.  To the tune of 2-3 gallons of milk/week.  :(

3.  Buttery rye toast.


Things on our weekend agenda:

1.  Friday = going to take Zeke to see Rango with a school friend while trying to fit in a trip to my girlfriend's house to celebrate her birthday.

2.  Saturday = Pauly and Zeke going to a special Sixers event where they are allowed to practice with the team.  Saturday afternoon will be Zeke's basketball game at the Y where Pauly and I are the winningest coaches the YMCA has ever seen.  GO NORTH CAROLINA (Zeke's team)!!!!!

3.  Sunday = my Dad's 70th birthday party.  Can't wait for some good company and good food for a very special celebration!

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