Monday, May 24, 2010

And then it was dark.

I turn off street lights. A lot. Not on just happens. I've read up a bit on this phenomenon and there are crazy theories out there that say I'm extra specially electromagnetically charged or that perhaps I'm an Indigo adult. Both of which are possible, I guess. I tend to just really like my Dad's theory though: he thinks I'm just such a highly spirited, extremely bright person that lights find the need to actually DIM around me when I come near. Phffffft...if only. But, it's true - street lights really have shut off many times when I have driven or walked under them. It has freaked me out in the past but lately I've been thinking that maybe what Pauly says is true: it's just a sign that I'm on the right path. His theory is murky, at best, and even with much prodding over the years, he won't really go much further into it. He just mumbles on about the "right path" stuff a lot.

Now, after watching the series finale of Lost the other night, the "right path" stuff may just be starting to feel a bit better to me. I know that sounds completely ridiculous. I mean, how can a TV show really matter? It's just...entertainment, right??? I've always thought so. And I fully admit that along the Lost path, I became a semi-hater at times. The show got wacky, sidetracked, and loopy in my opinion. Then again, I was always watching it around 10:00 at night when my nerves were shot and my kid was probably still awake and playing his drumset much past his bedtime. Way too much ANNOYING adding up there for me to really like anything. But, in the end, the finale spoke to me. The fact that the Lost friends gathered in the end to travel together for one last eternal journey? That moved me. It jived with my system of beliefs. Because, you see, for me, I can't just move around this world thinking that this is it. That the lady who gives me my change at Wawa is nobody other than a change-giver. I believe we experience each other for a reason. If even for one minute of one day of our lives. And in that minute, I want to be able to leave an impression on that Wawa lady. I want to look at her and smile and say "thanks" and mean it. I want her to think "what a nice girl" when I leave. I want her to feel something other than sick of her job after she has given me my 36 cents back at the end of our bread and milk transaction. And I want to do that every single time I move in this life. Every time. Because every time is an opportunity. An opportunity for me to fill up my circle - the circle of people that will wait for me at our final destination. I want that circle to be full of faces that I remember. Ones that I know I've smiled at before...just to try to let them know that they mattered. That's the path I'm on. And I guess that's why street lights go out. Because I'm on the right path. Thanks Pauly. I think you may be right after all.

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