Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pick on someone your own size, gramps.

Today was a fun day. I'll blog more about it after I vent. I've just got to vent first. Get all negative energy out, then onto the good stuff. So, on our way home from the "good stuff", I told Zeke we could stop by CVS to get new gum. He loves gum now and knows how to chew it like a big boy. I've also found that kid's gum is awesome - why did I ever STOP Hubba Bubba/Bubble Yum??? It rocks. Anyway, we went into CVS for the gum run, got the goods, and got in line to pay. Well, Zeke was carrying his own basket - ya' know, one of those little baskets you get when you don't really need a cart, but don't want to carry everything in your arms. Well, it was empty, so while we were in line waiting to pay for the chewy goodness, Zeke put it on the floor and sat in it like it was a car. There was an old man in front of us haggling with the cashier about the price of his cough drops. It was getting ugly, so the cashier told him to follow her to the aisle and she'd show him the sign to prove her point. As he turned around, he saw Zeke sitting on the floor in the basket, which I suppose happened to be in the path he wanted to take, so he said "you're in a bad spot, boy. Where's your damn mother?" UMMMMMM.....WHA??????? Blood pressure rising here people....high, high, high. He DIDN'T just A) call my son "boy", B) use an expletive AT my child, and C) address him AT all. Now, I *try* very hard in situations like these to remain composed. This man has not had contact with a toddler in 132 years and well, he just doesn't understand the sheer necessity of the basket being turned into a pretend car while waiting in line at CVS. You'd have to be a mom to understand that. I get it. What I don't get mostly is his ignorance, his lack of respect, and his arrogance. I was ready, everyone, ready for battle. I've gone to battle once before in this type of situation at the Ardmore Farmer's Market- it wasn't good. So, what did I say here, in the checkout aisle at CVS? Of course I said something - can't leave Zeke sitting in his "car" feeling like the victim of a drive-by now, can I? Nope. Mama Bear said: "oh, sir, he doesn't have a mom, he's an orphan." Old, Crusty Man's mouth dropped as he walked away. Hee hee. Go pick on someone your own size, crapbird.

Yep, I feel better now. Bad energy out, good day energy back in. Before the CVS junque, we had a great day. T-shirt painting playdates are *the* best, I tell you. Who knew??? Shannon has the coolest ideas - why can't I be more creative like her? She rocks. So, all the kids hung in her backyard, filled up water guns with t-shirt paint, and squirted their t-shirts until they were rainbow-alicious! Zeke's is awesome and I think I'll just put it away as a keepsake instead of risking the inevitable chocolate milk/cherry juice stain. It's too special for everyday wear 'n tear. After they painted, they jumped in the pools and sprinklers to wash off - you'll see a picture of Zeke and Caleb all bundled up in towels taking a much needed break. Playing and painting is hard work, ya' know! Fun in the sun, once again today. Wish summer would last much longer than it does...

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