Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm gonna' stuff that chicken.

I'm on a mission today. And Susan L. would be proud of me. We used to take work breaks and discuss what we were going to make for din-din. Well, guess what Sooz...I'm not doing chicken in the crock. I'm gettin' all fancy-schmancy. I'm pullin' out the big guns and opening up a bag of SUN DRIED TOMATOES! Yep, you heard that right. Sun dried tomatoes. And fresh parsley and garlic and gruyere cheese. It's gonna' be some amaaaaazing chicken over here tonight (for once). I'm motivated and I have my eye on the ball (or breast, I guess). I'm gonna' chop, mix, and then stuff those chicken breasts...then bake until it smells like Mary T. is in da' HOWSE (mary t. is my momsy for all of you not in the know..). I guess this sudden surge of domesticity has hit because I haven't seen the inside of my kitchen in a while. And I've also watched my men eat junk, junk, and more junk - which in turn makes me feel like a complete zero. It's Monday folks, and this zero is going all hero. My Monday night chicken is gonna rock...I'll try to take photos. :)


Dawn said...

So how was it???? Do tell. . . Do tell!
PS -- Lost in Love??????? Air Supply - WHY!?!?!? : )

Nancy said...

ANYONE WONDERING: My chicken was horrible. I won't comment further. Send all recipes, please. I'm desperate. Love, Nancy

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