Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday? I Wish.

I've seen many mommy bloggers title their Wednesday posts "Wordless Wednesday" and just pin a cute picture or two. That's nice. I guess it means they had a quiet day, laundry got done or the junk drawer got straightened out while Bobby and Janey went to camp for a few hours then came home and watched t.v. and ate P.B. & J's. In my mind, I'm jealous of that idyllic day. My Wednesday was not wordless. It was wordfullllll. Emphasis HIGHLY on fullllll. Now, I'm not sure if Zeke's brain is in a growth spurt and needs continuous, constant, incessant, in-his-face FEEDBACK all freakin' day long...but it sure seems to be the case these past two days. I can't answer his questions fast enough. I literally get the last word out of my mouth to the first question, when, BAM!, questions two and three are laid into me like heat seeking missiles. It's brutal. I consistently remind myself that during his waking hours, I am "at work" - it is within my current job description to grow this brain of his, to make it function to the best of it's capability, and to fire back each and every answer it seeks. Stupid me though...and I've done this before with other contracts...I DID NOT READ THE FINE PRINT. If I had read that fine print on the bottom of the parenthood contractual agreement when I signed it, I would have realized that in section 3, part B, paragraph 2, it explains that with my signature I agree to yes, guide my child's brain along healthy and steady progress...but in the meantime allow my own to turn into rice pudding.

Pauly always told me to read the fine print. I guess I should listen to him sometimes.


Jenn said...
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Jenn said...

oopss I did not read it totally first. So now we have a new trend wordful wednesday! I told you to send his question asking little man body to camp. Call and get him in the kids would love to see him there!

Shannon said...

how true, how true.....the fine print will get you every time :-) hang in there.

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

The Wordless Wednesday is actually a bloggy carnival hosted by 5minutesformom. You just have to post a favorite picture and add a title. In a way it makes for an easy post so you can clean out the junk drawer, load the dishwasher, or start some laundry. I actually schedule my post each week so I don't worry about it on Wednesday. Believe me my days are much more like your than completely wordless that is for sure. Hang in there!!

Sarah said...

Rice Pudding...I don't think so.
You are FAR from rice pudding brain...

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