Friday, July 11, 2008

Gone daddy gone.

The past few days have been tough. Pauly was out of town on a business trip and I was alone with Zeke and my chi-chi pups. Our whole household goes into a depression when daddy goes out of town, so we try to schedule as many activities as possible and keep busy. I guess that's why I haven't bloggity-blog-blogged in a few days. Sorry all you in cyber land who have been anxiously awaiting the lastest and greatest. Hey "60 Cent", have you been missing your daily dose of us??? Hee hee, you thought I forgot, huh??? You should know me better than that...

On to the good stuff. We've played a lot this week with playgroup friends and I've noticed that the nest was feeling empty in more ways than one. Pauly was gone, yeah, but Zeke was also cozying up to a few too many hotsy totsy Chester County Playgroup Babes, if you ask me. I have 2 problems with this sitch: 1. if it WERE ok with me that he started dating at 3 years old, I'd make it a ground rule that he choose which little mama he was going to hang with and be done with it. I'll have no gigolo in my household, thank you! And secondly, he's MY baby, you CCP babes! Yes, you may be super cute with your big eyes and cutesy-wootsy hairdo's...but can you really handle the wrath of a 3 year old BOY??? More importantly, the Wrath of Zeke? Well, can you??? Yeah, I didn't think so. Listen, here's my advice to you: stay 3. It's nice. It's innocent. And it's fun. And yeah, you can steal a smooch from my Zekey-poo every now and then, but guess what sweet-cheeks, he's still goin' home with me... :)


Jenn said...

Hey thats what he gets for being so stinkin cute! L is used to the whole boy thing so she can handle him! Love the pics

Shannon said...

Yeah... I'm with Jenn on this one. Zeke is just too cute... the babes cant control themselves when the see him :-)

BTW, I am one of the loyal followers that need my Kane fix. You ALWAYS make me laugh. You are such a great writer and storyteller... have you considered writing at all?

Sarah said...

Nancy.. you are so funny.
I need to email you info on "Blurb" it is a site to print out your posts in book form.
You have to publish this blog!

You are a fantastic writer!

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