Monday, July 7, 2008

Tennis Anyone?

Zeke loves going to the Tennis Center. Poppy works there and it's not only a huge tennis center, but a fully loaded gym. So, Zeke gets to hang with Poppy, hit tennis balls around, and then, his very favorite, pump iron while inspecting his form in huge walls covered in mirrors. He's a gym rat at 3 years old. Now, I believe in moderation. Too much of a stinky, sweaty meat-heady gym shrinks the brain and expands the biceps too darn much. It all needs to be kept in perspective. I'm afraid tho, that Zeke loves the clanging of the weights, the challenge of trying to lift his own body weight in iron, and the giggling masses that tend to gather when they see a little monkey like him huffing and puffing. Showboat. Today he got his wish when we made the trek to the Tennis Center and said hi to Poppy. He whacked the tennis balls (and threw the racket every time he missed...), checked out the equipment, and more importantly, his form in the massive mirrors. He loved it. It wasn't Great Adventure or Dorney Park or even a trip to the shore, but my oh my, to him, it was an iron Disney Land. I guess when I'm planning our next big adventure, I should keep the local Gold's in mind...


Shannon said...

OMG, love the muscle man pic of Zeke. He is just the cutest. I can totally picture him checking himself out in the gym mirrors, too!

Sarah said...

I got a tennis story for you...I used to take my neice & nephew to the tennis courts near where I lived when they were 5& 6 years old. I would hit the balls they would run after them, sometimes they even hit a few when serving. Okay.. so you know how tennis courts have gate locks..Chase was playing with it and I told him if he kept doing it that it would break and that we would be locked in for the rest of the day until someone came and got us out.
Later that day...(I was babysitting for them while their parents were out of town.) The neighbor stopped by to borrow something at the house and asked what we did earlier in the day. Chase said, he was 5 at the time.. We played in the cages and Aunt Sarah said if I didn't stop it I would get locked in for the rest of the day.
Nice huh..? Oh, the looks I got...Once I picked my jaw up off the floor. I had to explain the whole story to the neighbor. I was afraid they would call social serices on me.
Needless to say that was our last trip to the "cages"..

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