Thursday, July 3, 2008

Didn't your mother teach you any manners?

Many Thursdays we jump in the car and drive down to see Mom Mom Mare and Poppy. Zeke enjoys it and we always end up on some excursion given the fact that Poppy has the "ants in the pants" syndrome, just like I do. I guess I have tons of his DNA streaming thru my veins. Today was no exception. In Quarryville, about 20 miles from Poppy's house, there was a children's traveling circus in town, so off we went. Where's Quarryville you ask? Huh. It's 35 miles south of nowhere, my friend. It's where cows say "baaaaaah" and sheep walk upright. It's quite frankly, where a llama, get a load of this, spit in MY MOTHER'S face. For real. The llama spit in my mom's face. Now, I have to admit, as a teenager, I imagined doing just that, but only a few times (sorry mom...). GOD KNOWS, I never got up the nerve to really do it. I wanted to live to see my twenties. But yeah, this llama, who never even met my mom, spit on her. What tha'??? Just who *was* this llama from Quarryville and who did she think she was??? It was quick, but it was to the point. It was a "get out of here" type of spit. Crazy. And not unlike the rest of the circus-like surroundings we had entered. But... Zeke got to ride a camel (I'VE never ridden a camel...have you??), he scratched many a goat head, and he rode a pony with a wobbly saddle. He loved it and didn't even notice the strangeness of the place and people. Funny how kids are like that - everyone and everything is on an even playing field when you start out in life. You've only got 7 teeth in your head??? That's cool. At least you can still chew a SMALL piece of Hubba Bubba! Here's half of mine! Oh, your hair's all greasy and stinky?? Lucky you - YOUR mom didn't make YOU take a bath for the past 3 days! I learned a tidbit today now that I look back...sometimes kids see the picture much more clearly than we all think they do. Oh, and also, llamas spit on mamas. It's just their thing.


Amy said...

TOO funny! You crack me up...those llamas are crazy, though! My dad took us to a petting zoo when we were little and one spit on him...I'll never forget it!

Your blog looks great! Hope to see you soon!

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

That is too funny...what a great title. I have actually rode a camel and it is very bumpy. It sounds like you all had a blast. My kids love petting zoos/farms. Sorry you had a yucky 4th. Hopefully you can salvage the weekend although it is pretty dreary here at the beach so far. Not that I'm complaining cause I'm off to take a nap!!

Jenn said...

You need to be a writer. I love coming here and reading your blog!!Your a nut!!

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