Tuesday, July 29, 2008

That's one quirky turkey.

Tag, I'm it. I've been tagged, which means that a few peeps out there want to know 6 quirky things about me. Lil' ol' me. Hmmm. What's quirky about my junk? Buckle up...here we go:

A. I won't go anywhere without a very big purse. I need my stuff. It's important that I have my stuff with me. I'm lost without my stuff and my big purse. If I define "stuff" it'll just bore you because the stuff consists mainly of crinkled tissues, crumpled up lists, makeup, gum, old/crappy cell phone, and various/sundry stolen pens.

B. Which brings me to my next point...I will steal pens any/everywhere I go. And I also feel it's my privilege to steal a pen when I go to the doctor or dentist. Here's why: if I must go and allow someone to poke/prod/question me regarding private matters of which I have no desire to rehash and discuss, I feel the least I should get out of the demeaning ordeal is a good pen.

C. I hate doctor's offices but yet I am obsessed with anything medical. I love watching surgery/gore shows and feel that I have missed my calling in life - I should be a medical examiner.

D. I love dental floss and feel that it is highly underrated. We need to teach our children to floss. Although, I must say, my dental hygienist, Mary, is the floss Nazi. She has carried the flossing philosophy to the extreme. She has crossed the line - my God, she flosses while watching Big Brother. That's just unethical. She loses her BB card for that b/c no true Big Brother fan would ever disrespect the hour like that.

E. I want to read more books but I can't. I don't have the patience. I want to, I try to, but I fail. Magazines are it for me - and I can't even commit to them - I rent them from the library.

F. I only use Dove soap. Always. The white kind. Don't even try to switch me to anything else fancy or expensive or French and perfumey. I can't go there. Lovin' my Dove.

G. This is like the Bonus Jonas, one little extra tidbit - you'll notice it now every time you see me: I'm never without a big, huge water bottle. It's like my purse sitch - gotta' have it. All day/all night. It's my woobie.

That's it. Nothing too crazy. Nothing you need to call the fuzz about. Maybe you don't really want to hang out with me anymore now that you've read some of these things, but hey, maybe now you'll floss. That's a good thing...

1 comment:

Jenn said...

You a re tooo funny. I can totally see all the above but I never knew you loved the white bird. LOL After the shower whe nthe kids come running out the used to yell smell me.... well ok and they would ask what they smelled like so I started saying you smell like a white bird to throw them off. Nice to know a fellow white bird. Floss gotta love the one with a handel that has floride it makes it so much easier. ( yeah its for kids but what are ya gonns do) And I never knew you where a pen thief me too. And yeah it is usually from a DR office. Very interesting maybe its phycological. Freud must have written about this. oh no bed time gotta run

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