Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where's my patchouli when I need it?

Hey Shannon O:

Thanks for this cool new button - The Brighter Planet 350 Challenge: Fighting Climate Change. It's sweeto neato and I'm loving that it's focused on cleaning up our duuuuuuuuuurty little footprints on this earth! About a year ago, I wasn't even recycling - do you believe that??? I've repented and I'm on a mission now. I enjoy these days with my friends and family too much to see it all melting away. So, thanks Shanny (I'm diggin' that nickname now...), your blog is a bute!

I feel like an earthy lil' momma.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Thanks for the major shout out, babe! I am no green queen just yet, but just trying to make some small changes when i can! and, can i just say thanks to you???? you LITERALLY make me smile each and every day! your blog is the bomb! btw, LOVE the new nickname for me.

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