Monday, July 14, 2008

Not even close.

Today was a super fun Monday. Usually Mondays aren't fundays..but today was. Thanks to Sarah a.k.a. Dora the Explorer. Here's the dealio: Sarah hosted an out-of-this-stratosphere, wicked cool play date where all the kiddos hiked through the "jungle" (actually the woods at the end of Sarah's cul-de-sac) and searched for strategically placed Dora-esque goodies. It began with the big discovery of a heaping pile of jungle hats that Steve Irwin(R.I.P. Croc Hunter!) would have loved. As they cruised the jungle, more and more goodies were found. It was so cool. After the long trek back (and it seemed super long to me since I was carrying the mega-heavy extra large bag of bananas that Swiper never swiped out of one of the trees...), we arrived at Sarah and Viv's house only to see that, gulp!, holy moly....DORA THE EXPLORER was waiting for us!!! Now, it seemed strange that Sarah had mysteriously gone missing AND that Dora's voice sounded a WHOLE lot like Sarah's, but, I let it go. Anyway, the kids loved it. They hugged her, got pix taken with her, and mostly just stared in amazement. It was really, really cute. After a bit, Dora bid her farewells, and funny enough, Sarah showed back up a minute or two later (seemed like just enough time to, say, slip out of a Dora costume??). We all had pizza and some playtime and headed home with what I thought would be a head full of Dora memories. Ummmmm, I was wrong. Later in the day, as I was cleaning the kitchen and Zeke was having a snack, I asked him if he had a great time at his play date. He said he did. I asked him who was his favorite visitor. He said "Brady." He meant Brayden. I asked him who else. He said "Jude." Jude was in bed the whole play date. I asked him who else. He said "Alexander." Well, yeah, that's a typical answer. WHO ELLLLLSE???? He said "you Mommy, you're my best friend."

Sorry Dora. You really rocked my world today and actually I think you rocked Zeke's too. But I'm still his best friend. Don't swipe him, ok?


Kelly said...

I am glad Zeke liked playing with Brayden. Too funny. Brayden is really into Diego again all of a sudden...I wonder why???

Sarah said...

Hmm.. Dora was at my house? Sorry I missed her.

Glad you guys had fun.

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