Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yawning for more.

Saturday we played at home. And played and played. And played. Then we went and bought sand for Zeke's sandbox. And played some more. We filled up his little pool and he played in that. And played and played. The King (Otto the chihuahua) was with us for a bit, but then decided a nappy was much more in order. So he napped. WHY couldn't we nap too? Why can't we nap normal human beings? Naps are nice. Naps are refreshing. There are entire cultures built around naptimes and I bet you they are much more productive and happier people for it. Not our household. We don't nap. We haven't napped since shortly after blowing out Zeke's first birthday candle. Now, let me just put this out there: I WOULD NAP. Happily. I'd nap for a good hour or two - give me a nice fan blowing, my pups cozying up with me, and I'd be snoozing the afternoon away. But somewhere along the way, Zeke lost respect for the sacredness of the nap. He thinks he'll miss something. I think he thinks secret parades roll down the street during naptime strictly for those who are man enough to stay up during naptime. He thinks clowns and jugglers do their "thang" for the non-nappers, the cotton candy is fresher and bigger for non-nappers, and party bags are actually dispersed for anyone who is big enough, strong enough and well, AWAKE enough to skip naps. Zeke, buddy, it's not true. As a matter of fact, I'd do all that for you if you WOULD nap. Just 45 minutes. Just a trial-nap. A mini-nap. A nippy-nap, perhaps? I know, I know, he won't do it. But I guess I can dream in my sleepy midafternoon slump, huh? Someone pass me a strong cup of tea, please...

1 comment:

Val said...

Oh, a nap. They are a lovely thing.
Wish BOTH of mine still napped!

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