Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen? Ok, here I go.

I love this Thursday Thirteen thingy, since today has been all about chores and not much else. Sorry Zekey-poo. I'll make it up to you next week and we'll have a really rockin' good time. So, Jenn over at http://www.thebestisyetunwritten.blogspot/ wants to see my favorite 13 pix...

Here we go:

1. Zeke on a swing during his 3rd birthday photo shoot with MicDuff Photography.

2. Again, 3rd birthday photo shoot, MicDuff Photography

3. Ditto.

4. Pauly feeding Zeke for the first time. OMG, love this one.

5. Meat feet. Yes, these were my feet for the last few months of my pregnancy. I couldn't walk to the top of my driveway to get the mail. Ew.

6. My beloved chihuahua Simon. He bites everyone but is in love with Pauly and me. We're in his very small circle of friends and that's ok with us. Love him to little tiny pieces.

7. Zeke's crew chillin' on Ronnie's deck at a popcicle play date. This to me defines summer.

8. Again, Zeke and his crew chillin' in Alexander's hammock. Lilly is moving in on Zeke while Gracie plays it cool (she knows her daddy will NOT be happy...).

9. Another 3rd birthday photo shoot pic.

10. Alex and Zeke at the Elmwood Park Zoo back in May.

11. Pauly and Zeke celebrating Zeke's 2nd birthday.

12. Zeke's annual visit to the Pumpkin Patch in October 2007

So many memories, so much of my life, so much fun...



Jenn said...

Tag your it. Now its your turn....

Lesley said...

I tagged you!

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