Friday, July 4, 2008

Mick the jip.

Today was supposed to be great - it's the Fourth of July. I wanted sunshine above my head, sand beneath my toes, and fireworks when the sun went down. Instead I got Mick the Jip. Who's Mick? Mick is the $49.00 stuffed monkey that Zeke made at Build-A-Bear in the King of Prussia Mall. Mick does not walk, talk, sing a good song, or do my laundry. Mick doesn't even really *sound* like a monkey...even though we spent the extra $4.50 to add in the monkey voice box. *sigh* Mick was a jip. But, we HAD to go to the mall because it rained on the 4th of July. We had plans, people, plans to have fun in the sun and take good pictures and eat good food. But, no, instead we walked around a crowded, over sized mall and made Mick. If I over think Mick, I'll get a stomachache. I passed by the MAC store - do you know what I could have DONE with $49 in MAC??? Oh, and Lord & Taylor was having their Clinique Bonus Days today - I ONLY NEEDED TO SPEND $25 TO GET MY BONUS!!! Mick is dangerously close to TWO Clinique bonuses. And I CANNOT apply Mick under my eyes and make them look 10 years younger the way Clinique's Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift can. How agitating. I guess I'll just have to live with the fact that my $49 bought an experience - it put a smile on Zeke's face for a few minutes while we brought Mick to life and gave him an identity. Mick's here to stay, the $49 is gone. With that I'll have to live. But I do NOT have to live with wrinkles under my eyes. I'm going back to Lord & Taylor - Zeke can bring Mick if he wants, but I'm on my own mission this time.


Sarah said...

Damn rain...! It doesn't feel like the 4th without cook outs & fireworks.. I want a do-over!

Jenn said...

Next week end anyone??? We could set up a nice BBQ and do somehting fun!! Let em know! The kids won't care if its the 4th or the 12th so lets do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikicham said...

I'm in for a good bbq! I'll bring sparklers :)

Nikicham said...

BTW! damn you Mick! DAMN YOU TO MONKEY HELL! ;)

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