Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, Schmonday

Why do I dislike Mondays when I don't even "work"? I guess it's just that I'm too in love with the weekends, that's all. I love the Friday night excitement of what's to come, the planning, the packing. I just love DOING stuff on the weekends. Then Monday comes. *sigh* So, I try to fill the day with all the mundane things I *need* to do (like laundry, running to the bank, dishes, etc.). If I get all that junk done (big if), then I feel free to run around with Zeke's friends/my friends for the rest of the week guilt-free. I did get a lot done today, but I'm left with this feeling of boredom about my day. I mean, ok, there's a nice pile of freshly laundered/folded clothes, a clean house, my trip to the bank is finally done, but what fun did we have? Nada. Monday, schmonday. I still dislike Mondays...

As Jenn knows, I've gotta run to wipe a butt. Yep, you read that right...wipe a butt. The glamour of motherhood calls as Zeke just ran into my office here in a round of tears because he needed help in the "butt department." I happened to be on the phone and Jenn heard the whole thing. Nothing new to her though - she's got two little butts at home that get into dilemmas, too. :)

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