Thursday, June 26, 2008

My First Blog

Wow. I thought this would be more difficult. I've wanted to start blogging for a while now, but I've put it off and put it off for fear I'd be techno-challenged. I guess I'm not as "mommy-fied" as I thought I was. Ok, confidence is returning. Good sign. Now onto the meat and potatoes of this thing. What to blog about...what to blog about. Hmmm. Well, of course, Zeke. That's what you all want to know about anyway, right? Well, sure. Why not - he's hysterical. So much an adult in a little 3 year old body! So, today I ran to the mall to pick up an outfit for his big picture day tomorrow. I was looking and looking for the perfect thing to pop up, when, voila!, there they were - the MOST adorable madras plaid shorts EVER! I picked them up and Zeke said to me "no, Mom, seriously, they are too tiny." I mean, who SAYS that when they are 3??? He talks to me like he's my friend, not like he's my toddler son! I know I secretly love it, but I guess I should try to be the mommy in this relationship...

So, anywhooooo, what else have we been doing? Hanging with Zeke's playgroup buds, going to the park, playing with Mom Mom and Poppy, and having fun on the weekends. Yeah, summer weekends are the BEST. Last weekend Pauly took a vacation day on Friday and we just had a ball! We went to Sesame Place and rocked Big Bird's world, then on Saturday we hit Dutch Wonderland for a little waterpark fun and some amusement rides. Zeke got his face painted like a dragon and proceeded to roar at everyone he came in contact with for the rest of the day. Ummm, it really wasn't a well spent $9.99. We decided to take a gondola ride across the park (I thought it would be so fun and romantic to see the tops of the trees with my two boys)...well, I had a mini panic attack midway through the ride. I feared I would drop my flip-flops on someone's head along with my lunch. I got it together enough to make it through the ride and was even brave enough to get back across the park to where our stroller was parked. Favorite memory of the day at Dutch Wonderland (Pauly, you'll remember this one..): Zeke continously going down the waterslide and disregarding the rule that everyone must stand in line to wait their turn. Bonus footage: the pointing of the finger at "mean lady's" daughter, all caught on video for eternity and lots of future giggles. Note to self: work on teaching Zeke the importance of NOT cutting in line... ugh.

We definitely qualify as weekend warriors for last weekend's shennanigans. But hey, that's what it's all about, right? Rock 'n' roll, peeps! Still lovin' my chi-chi's too - but you all know that!

Bye for now.


Jenn said...

Oh it sounds like fun fun fun. We soooo need to go to Dutchwonder land. I for some reason have to urge to go to sesame place but I suppose I would if the kids wanted to. L would love to meet Elmo.LOVE THE BLOG!!!Good job you better keep it up I am telling everyone your out there! Your on the blog roll now chicky.


Sarah said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere!
Looking forward to reading more.

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