Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Simple Things

This weekend turned out to be full of the "simple things" in life. Movies, trips to Home Depot, planting flowers, ordering pizza, and today we went grocery shopping. This isn't a normal Sunday thing for us as a family. I usually go during the week with Zeke and get it done while Pauly is at work. But for some reason, I really wanted to do it today. Pauly seemed mega-drawn to his computer this weekend with a ton of work-related deadlines looming, so I thought getting him out into the sunlight and then into the aisles of calorie heaven would be a nice reprieve. Well, I was wrong. Everyone knows it's not good to go food shopping on an empty stomach. Pauly's stomach was hollow. I could hear it grumbling above the noise of my iPod while driving to the Giant. As Zeke would say, "not good." So, as soon as we walked in, I was rushed to get done and well, I don't like being rushed when I'm shopping. Even when it's just grocery shopping. When I'm rushed, I panic. When I panic, well, I crumble. Ask Weezie. She'll tell you the story about the man falling through our ceiling while we were working in the chem lab. I couldn't even manage to dial 911. I froze. Then I laughed. And laughed and laughed and laughed. I still laugh. As a matter of fact, she and I BOTH still laugh. We just laughed about it on Friday. Anyway, I just don't do well under pressure, so I spent $200 on ridiculous stuff at Giant because I was panicky. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. And I have no idea of what we're having for dinner tomorrow night, people. *sigh* Nope, not good...

What's on the agenda for tonight? Ever watch that show The Two Coreys - the one about Feldman and Haim? I'm embarrassingly in love with that show. I'm a closet watcher. So, I'm planning my night around it. In 2009, I will resolve to purge myself of all these ridiculous reality shows. Until then, it'll be the Coreys at 10 tonight and then, wooo hooo, on July 13th (Tarsia, aren't you sooooo PUMPED???), Big Brother returns. I'll watch that over the summer, love/hate it, discuss it with Tarsia, try to convince Andrea to watch it (she'll never do it), and that'll be my big t.v. love affair until the fall.

Not sure what we're doing tomorrow - probably hanging with our playgroup buds. Another week of summer fun! Stay tuned...

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Sarah said...

The 2 Corey's....make room in the closet.. I am with you.

Did you see the episode that they both said they were "abused" as kids... Brad and I werwatching jaws dropped to the ground.

It was if they were one-upping each other... KA-RAZY!

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