Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hot buttered popcorn

It's hot out today. Not the good hot where you want to go and play in the sun all day and have fun. It's the humid, bad hair, sticky skin, runny makeup type hot out. Rain forest weather. So, I decided we would go to the movies to see Wall-E. I love going to the movies on a hot day. There's something fun about packing a sweater in the middle of a heatwave that seems illegally awesome. And what's even more illegally awesome??? Sneaking in bootleg snacks!!! I was good though - I only brought in a PB&J for Zeke and my huge 1 liter bottle of water for myself. Anyone who REALLY knows me, knows that I can't travel anywhere without my monster bottle of water. So, we hit the theater and chilled out (literally) to enjoy Wall-E. It was a cute movie. Pauly and I actually enjoyed it and Zeke sat through most of it without jiggling around too much. Of course we had to do the unavoidable snack run midway through (I think he just wanted to check out the gumball machines/game room, but it gave him the much needed five minute break he requires during these types of events.) Ya' know, for a 3 year old, it's remarkable that he can make it through a 2 hour movie. Yippee for me, too, because now I can reclaim a little bit of my former life - seeing the inside of a movie theater! I don't think I've seen a movie in 3 years. Crazy what having a kid does to you.

We're back home now and the next mission is a trip to Home Depot to find a sturdy enough rope to hang a tire swing from our flowering crab apple tree out back. Yep, I finally found a tire and more remarkably, I've finally convinced Pauly that it's imperative Zeke has a genuine tire swing. I had one when I was growing up and it was the peanut butter to my jelly! I mean, I can't imagine my childhood without it. Not only did I swing on that thing until the sun went down, but tons of treasures were hidden in it's belly. Old Barbie heads that had been decapitated by "All Time Favorite Dog Fritz" or my evil brothers and were too precious to be thrown away were deposited in the tire swing belly. My brothers stored Matchbox cars, worms, and other ugly boy stuff in there. Our spare house key lived there and anyone who was anyone knew to go into our back yard and reach into the big black tire to get the key to the kingdom. So, yes, I stopped at J&M Tire yesterday, asked for an old tire, and the nice man behind the counter smiled like he was remembering his own tire swing, and loaded one in my trunk. He told Zeke to enjoy it and shook his hand. It was pretty cool. So, we're off to find some rope. I'm sure Pauly would rather read the newspaper on the big, comfy couch...but he knows better. He knows I have more important things planned for the weekend. And once he ties that tire up on the tree, he'll forget all about the newspaper.

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Jenn said...

yeah I had a tire swing. I think we have pictures of me naked in it. It was not the normal one but the tire had been cut so you sat inside it like a bucket swing. It was suppotive but not comfy. And oh boy did I get black crap on everything that might have been why I was naked so the laundry woman LOL (mom) was not over taxed! Tell us when its up and we can come for a swingy ding!!

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