Sunday, August 31, 2008

The car makes the canine.

We were driving into an adjacent neighborhood today to go to Pauly's favorite breakfast spot (you've got to check out the King Street Grille in Malvern - Randy makes the most decadent blueberry muffin french toast you'll ever hate to love, considering it's about two days worth of calories...), and while on our way, we came across this unbelievable sight. Look at this picture to the right - is it not a postcard???? First of all, I love the classic car. I'm a sucker for old cars since my brothers and father have a never ending love affair with classic Mustangs. Little known factoid: my very first car I ever drove was a 1967 Mustang. How coolio is that? Anyway, second cool thing about this picture is the two completely awesome doggies just hanging out in the car like the canine versions of James Dean. Soooooo incredible. I'm happy I convinced Pauly to stop the car and let me hop out to snap the photo. You can see a bigger version of this picture at the bottom of my blog - the detail makes all the difference. Amaaaaaazing.

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