Saturday, August 2, 2008

Summertime funk.

Man's Smelly Feet Trigger Police Raid

Mon Jul 9, 2007 12:08pm EDT

BERLIN (Reuters) - German police broke into a darkened apartment fearing they would find a dead body, after neighbors complained of a nasty smell seeping out onto the staircase.
The shutters of the apartment had been closed for more than a week and the mailbox was filled with uncollected mail.
But instead of a corpse, they found a tenant with very smelly feet, asleep in bed next to a pile of foul-smelling laundry, police in the southwestern town of Kaiserslautern said on Sunday.

Interesting that I came across this article this evening. Why, you ask? Well, because as I was sitting out on our deck "cloud-watching", as Zeke calls it (I call it sleeping with my eyes open), I noticed that his fingernails were grossly long and dirty and in need of a clipping. Don't ask me why,but he seems to enjoy me grooming him, so it's never a problem getting out the clippers and trimming him up a bit. After the digits were clipped, he said "now my toes, Mommy". Ummm, ok. I hesitated a bit based on the outward appearance of this child. He was duuuurty. Like, Center City street pigeon dirty. He wasn't just visibly dirty, he had the "summertime funk" steaming off of him too - you know that smell - dirty hair, dirty skin, dried up sweat and playground dirt. He was gnarly. But, since I gave birth to El Dirtybird, I figured I could handle some dirty piggies. Then he did it. He removed the Crocs. OH MY GOD IN HEAVEN. The smell. The sight. The hell I entered was unimaginable. I think there were live maggots crawling in between his toes and THEY were actually crying because of the nasty stink. And he had the nerve, the gall, to plop that sickness on my lap! What did I do? Well, he's my boy. I clipped his toenails, of course. Then I power washed him.


Jenn said...

I keep coming back for more foot issues....hey you had peepee feet now really how bad could the Z mans feet have been..... well okay I have been there with mine but this sounds to me like the pot calling the ketle black miss PEEPEE toes!

Jenn said...

Tooo funny I just have to tell you... nothing to do with feet I promise. When we put the kids to bed we do the ABC's like any normal kids would well Lilly was just finishing her ABC's with Z of course and she adds FOR ZEKEYYYYYY. Hey dude its not evey man that make it into a girls bed time routine as a letter of the alphabet!! But Yes your little smelly man has entered my girls bed time thoughts .Boy are we in for it the teen years are way off....10 years and its starting now.

well I just needed to share since it just happened!

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