Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blue adieu.

Things just aren't the same anymore. Everything's changing and I'm not liking it. I like continuity, patterns, order. This mongrel three year old that happens to live with me is rocking the boat in my house and it's just not good. You see, his tastes are changing. Drastically. What's with that??? Since when does he have a say in what he wears and what he watches??? I used to be Queen Bee in charge of all that was cool. Now he thinks HE knows right from wrong, cool from loserdom. When did it all change? And here's the ultimate question: when did Blue's Clues become so lame? I mean, just a year ago, I based an entire birthday party on this tv show. I spent a few hundred dollars on crap with Blue's perky face plastered all over it... and I liked it! Blue is my friend for a few reasons. #1: she's a dog. #2: she's a she. Now, Zeke never knew Blue was a girl, but I did. I think if he knew she was a girl, the love affair may have ended sooner. He still doesn't know, but for reasons unknown to me, Blue is out. She's banished to the "inadequate" list. She just doesn't make the cut. Blue is out, Spiderman is in. I don't like Spiderman or even spiders, for that matter. I'm in for a long, estrogen-free haul...

1 comment:

Jenn said...

I thought the hamster was RIP. You had me scared..... Whats with new pets???Birds...are you serious? Are you crazzzy I only left for a week and look what happens. Hope to see you soon call me!

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