Sunday, August 3, 2008


Can I just say that I *love* Trader Joe's???? Ever since I went to the nutrition playdate at Jaime's, I've really been thinking about changing our eating habits. I was sidetracked by vacation, but now we're back and today was really my first big grocery shopping I've done since The Big Turnaround. The nutritionist said the easiest way to a healthy kitchen is through Trader Joe's, so I went there and did it. I bought everything I need for the week and I'm giving it a shot. Tonight I made lasagna with a vodka marinara sauce and I have the rest of the ingredients for some pretty healthy din-din's all lined up for the week! I'll let you know how I do and how the men in my house like it...stay tuned.


DembroskyFamily said...

Good for you. I would like to do that to but it is a long drive for us. They need to put one in Exton. I have to tell if we ask Kaitlyn who her boyfriend is she says Zeke. They were too cute on Friday.

Sarah said...


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