Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ruling with an iron tongue.

Why is it that sharing doesn't ever seem to be an attractive option to a 3 year old? Or a 40 year old, for that matter? Case in point: Zeke never wants to share. Well, yeah, of course, he's three. The sharing thing hasn't quite clicked yet. I'm constantly using the buzz words "share nicely", "let your friends try it out now", etc., etc. He looks at me like he just knows I'm blowing smoke up his Spiderman bigboy underwear. I stick to my guns though, and try, try again each time we encounter a sharing sitch. But what about my 40 year old baby (Zeke's daddy, my hubby)? Why doesn't HE ever want to share??? Case in point: there's one chocolate bar left. We both want it. He picks it up, we have words regarding said chocolate bar. He smiles, knowing he has the upper hand because a) he's taller than I, and can lift it way above my head if I choose to instigate anything physical related to obtaining the chocolate, and, here comes the insane part... b) he knows what he's about to DO to the chocolate bar so he doesn't have to share it. He proceeds to lick the entire bar, top to bottom, to claim it as his own. Sharing isn't an option at that point. And the 40 year old baby knows it.


powesq said...

I have a problem sharing also! But what your hubby did was just cruel! The next time Kurt brings home some chocolate from work, I will have to spread the joy among the CCP! And you won't have to share with your hubby!

Jenn said...

If he licked it I would dunk it in the toilet. Take that baby I can't have any you can't either . Just make sure Zeke is not around we would not want to teach that kind of behavior but with a 40 yr old there is no teaching just war with chocolate involved.

Sarah said...

Viv loves your blog. She was sitting at my desk "working" next to me while I was catching up on the CCP blogs and when we clicked on your with the doggy pics she kept scrolling up and down saying " They are so cute"

DembroskyFamily said...

When it comes to food Bryant he has no problem with sharing with Kaitlyn but dare I ask I get a dirty look.

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