Thursday, August 21, 2008

Make my cake chocolate, please.

I finally have someone who understands the true meaning of a birthday. I've been telling Zeke for the past few weeks that my birthday is coming up and we should start getting excited. He's constantly asking me what day it is and if we're having a party today. I keep telling him that it's not for a little while (7 days to be exact - wooooo hoooooo!) and that we can still keep the countdown going. Every night when Pauly walks in the door, Zeke asks him if he has "mommy's present". Heheheheeeehhehheee. Nothing like a little toddler pressure to get the hubby moving on the ol' b-day gift. Gotta' love it. But really, I never actually got all jazzed up about my own birthday. I love celebrating other people's b-days, but mine, well, whatevs. NOW, tho, holy moly, it's so fun now that I have Zeke to count down the days with me! I think he thinks a birthday fairy is coming to leave me birthday gifts under my maybe, just maybe, if I wish really, really hard...she will. Stay tuned. And hey Pauly, if you're reading, I'd like a nice necklace and those L.L. Bean Wellie Boots in the Dark Umber Springer print, size 6 please. If in doubt, ask Zeke, he knows exactly what I'm talking about...


Stinky John Jones said...

Isn't it great to use children as your present pawn!

Dawn said...

totally have to try this tactic!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

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