Friday, August 22, 2008

Smell ya' later.

My mom reminded me the other day that I used to constantly ask her when Zeke would start talking. I worried all the time when he was a baby - was he ok, would he walk at the right age, would he get potty trained, would he ever know how to talk? Ter-Ter (my mom) would just roll her eyes and tell me it was coming. How very little did I know.

Fast-forward 3.3 years and Zeke is walking, talking, peeing & pooping on the big boy potty, and well, also proudly doing "bom-boms". Just what are bom-bom's and how do I know he's doing them, you ask? Well, the bom-bom goes back a few generations in my hubby's family (when in doubt with all the "strange" stuff that your kid does, blame it on the hubby's genes...) - it's basically just a..."fart" with a crazy alliteration-filled name. Ew, I know. But, aside from myself, everyone does bom-boms. Admit it. But what everyone doesn't do is announce their bom-bom's in the middle of the King of Prussia Mall or Boscov's. That kind of doesn't work for me. It does, however, work really well for Zeke. He'll deliver the bom-bom, then announce it proudly for all to hear. Tonight, it happened at Bertucci's. "Ah, hello sir, hope you enjoy some nice bom-bom with your pepperoni wood-fired pizza..." How completely embarrassing. Now, at least it takes a moment for Zeke's general audience to "get" what he's talking about. I mean, would *you* really know what he's talking about if he said "I DID A BOM-BOM"! and I scooted him away super quick??? Probably not. You would, however, know in a few seconds once your olfactory senses kicked in...

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