Monday, August 18, 2008

To the left of the shed.

I finally had my hair cut and colored last Friday. As many of you know, I was about 2 weeks overdue and was starting to get "creative" with my hairstyles. I was working the baseball caps, hairbands, ponytails, etc. I was really, really in a sad state. Well, happy, happy, happy...Dawn (my hair stylist) worked her magic and I'M BACK BABY. Goodbye hairbands. Anyway, Dawn is such a funny chick. She's a stylist who runs her business out of her home because she has FIVE KIDS. (Give me a minute to compose myself....). Yep, she has five kids and they're all under the age of about 15. How nutto. So, when I'm sitting there in her little 1 chair "mini-shop", there is constant entertainment. On Friday I got the latest story regarding her 3 year old: Hayden was out in her back yard playing with sidewalk chalk. Apparently, nature called. Hayden didn't answer the phone. Or the cell phone. Or the pager. Hayden ignored all of nature's attempts to get him into the potty. At the last possible minute, Hayden realized making it to the potty wasn't an option, so he proceeded to poop on the ground next to the shed. Of course, Dawn's 5 year old daughter ran in to share this delightful gossip with Dawn. Dawn ran out and was shown the offending matter by her daughter - and there it was right next to the shed just as she was told. Dawn asked Hayden if he pooped next to the shed and he said no. She showed him the poop and told him she knew he did because it was right there on the ground. Hayden said "how do you know that's not a piece of brown sidewalk chalk? I think you should pick it up and write with it to make sure". WOW. I don't think Hayden should meet Zeke ANYTIME soon.


Stinky John Jones said...

That was hilarious! omg.....pick it up!

Sarah said...

You are so funny Nancy

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