Friday, August 8, 2008

I would if i could but i can't so i won't.

Thursdays turn into crazy days sometimes. Yesterday was just that. I was going to hang low - even check in with my doc for a "mini-tuneup". It never happened. Mom-Mom Mare and Poppy had other plans. You see, I told Poppy about this new development of homes being built way far out in Chester County that "have the appearance of being matured over several centuries". WWWHHHHAAATTTT???? Sounds exactly like my dream home if you ask me. So, Poppy being Poppy (and loving the real estate sitch as much as I), decided we HAD to go take a gander (twist my arm...). Well, holy moly. I'm in love. $1.7 million in love, to be exact. But really, I don't know if it's an impossible dream. (Pauly, close your ears...). The builder has some creative options for purchasing your lot, etc., etc., so who knows what could happen. Let's just say my wheels are really turning. Anyway, that was just the beginning of the day. After all that heavy window shopping (and I'm really, really not a good window shopper), we had to do lunch/some real shopping. Well, at lunch I saw the following thing that really freaked me out: let me set the scenario...I'm in the ladies room washing my hands at the sink. I look in the mirror and old lady #1 walks by me with the Wig from Mars. Completely 3 sizes too big for her tiny cranium and so brown that it would have been a few shades too dark for her back in her twenties let alone her mid-eighties. I giggled - a lot, stifled it and rinsed. As I was drying, I turned to walk out and was almost knocked onto the floor by the vision in front of me. Old lady #2, clearly old lady #1's friend/sister (she was talking to old lady #1) was walking towards me WEARING THE EXACT SAME 3-SIZES-TOO-BIG-FOR-THE-TINY-AGING-CRANIUM-2-SHADES-TOO-BROWN-WIG-FROM-MARS. Clearly they got a BOGO (buy one get one free) on the Mars Wigs. I wish I had the cahunas to snap their photo.

I did however, get this classic photo (see top side photo...) in one of the shops we stopped in...who, in their right mind, would ever post something so silly? I'll tell you who: someone who's never had a kid. Funny how I NEVER would have looked twice at this 3 years ago. Now it just slapped me in the face with stupidity and uselessness. Here's the deal, people: if I could keep my kid under control at all times, I would never have the need to hire the $10/hour babysitter just to preserve my sanity. duh.


DembroskyFamily said...

I hear you on the sign thing.

Stinky John Jones said...

Okay....I think that sign was put there after we left!

No really, I don't think I would have even gone in....sorry.....but they must be childless for sure!

elebelly & mommy said...

okay, where's that store so i can make sure i never attempt to visit it! it could've been written in a different way...or they could've just put up a sign with a child in the center and a big red line thru it..."no children". silly...

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