Friday, August 29, 2008

Don't use this picture for your passport.

When I look back at old family pictures, I realize that my foolishness was caught on camera for all eternity - much to my parents' delight. Of course, they'll deny this and claim that the picture in question is "cute" or it was "appropriate for the time". I do believe that's a bunch of horse manure. It's called taking advantage of the situation, Mom and Dad. And now, I am happily at the helm, and well, I've got some revenge up my sleeve. Sorry, Zeke, you're an innocent pawn in this game and the next generation will feel your wrath.

Look to the right - here you will see what I call the "Boo Boo Picture". Zeke came to me today with big tears in his eyes. He had a tiny cut on his middle finger and needed a Spongebob bandaid. "Sure", I said, "but only after you hold your boo boo up for the camera..."


Jennifer said...

You sure do crack me up. It is a bit scary how natural the little man looks doing that:)

Jenn said...

hahahaha Shannon M has a picture of Alex doing the same thing. He had wrapped something around his middle finger and told us he had made something for his finger. while driving we took the picture. I so need it now. I will go hunt for it.

Stinky John Jones said...

Too cute! And quite possible the first of many.

DembroskyFamily said...

Too funny. I have to agree with Jenn it is scary how natural it looks.

Jenn said...

Okay I put up my family vacation new finger shot! Go check it out!!

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