Tuesday, September 2, 2008

That's gotta' hurt.

Labor Day weekend was laborious. We did tons of yard work. We pulled weeds, planted Mums, and Pauly patched the sinkhole by the swing set. But I managed to squeeze some fun into the days in between all the yucky stuff. On Saturday, we went out to the Ludwig's Corner Horse Show and Country Fair and had a ball. I just looooooove anything horsey, so I was giddy & giggly the whole time. Add to it the fact that we took a hayride (OMG, LOVE hayrides) around the entire fairgrounds, and I was loving life. I saw so many handsome horseys that I coveted....ooooooh, I was just in love. Pauly has 2 years and dwindling to get me my very own baby (horse baby, that is...). I've already told him, I don't want a 40th birthday bash...I just want a horse. No pressure there, huh?

So, now it's Tuesday and all is quiet on the home front. We played this morning with playgroup buddies and had fun. When we got home, Zeke started playing with a little caterpillar he dubbed his new best friend. Sorry to all the kiddos he's hung out with for the past 2.5 years....apparently your friendship isn't as strong as we all thought it was. Otto the Caterpillar has shimmied in and claimed your spot in Zeke's heart. And yes, you read that right - it's Otto the Caterpillar. If you have a really good memory, you'll remember we have a chi-chi named Otto. Guess Zeke just likes that name. Anyway, as he was playing with the caterpillar, he asked me why mustard was coming out of him. WWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAA? I knew immediately that Otto the Caterpillar was leaking guts all over my deck and kid. And mustardy-colored guts at that. I'm not sure I can Shout that out. Sorry Otto the Caterpillar, I'm more concerned about the stain than your leaking intestines.

P.S. out to Pauly: your birthday surprise for me was most unexpected but sooooo awesome! Who DOESN'T LOOOOOVE a masseuse showing up at their door for a ninety minute massage??? Oh my - how heavenly. And so is my hubby! You rock Pauly!

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Stinky John Jones said...

Wow! What a great guy! I am forwarding this to the hubs....maybe he will get the hint of what I want for Christmas!

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