Friday, September 5, 2008

Can you repeat that please for those of us in the back that didn't hear it?

I needed some humor today and didn't think I'd find it anywhere. Most of my humor comes from Pauly and well, he's been in Newport, Rhode Island on a business trip, so "funny" has been on hold for a few days. Although, I have to say, Zeke is running a close second these days. Take for instance:

we're in the kitchen baking a cake to celebrate Pauly's return home tonight. In the background, the t.v. was on, but I didn't think Zeke was listening to it since we were busy chattering away about eggs and cake batter, etc. Well, as I was putting the cake in the oven, Zeke disappeared for a few minutes. In the living room, I heard a commercial on t.v. for the NuvaRing - which is some new form of birth control for any of you men out there who are asking "what's a NuvaRing and should I have gotten one for my wife for our last anniversary???" So, anyway, not a minute later, Zeke comes in singing the NuvaRing jingle and then proceeds to tell me that we should "Google NuvaRing." Holy moly. Top that one, Pauly.

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