Thursday, September 25, 2008

Random thoughts wanted. But I'm really not too random.

So, I've been "tagged" by a few fellow Mommy Bloggers in the blogosphere who want to know 6 random thingys about me. I found this out yesterday and the funny thing is...I've been stressing out over this "random" crap for over 24 hours now. Well, not really stressing, but it's been on my mind. There's nothing very random about me. I'm an extremely planned out person. Random doesn't fit in my life. Surprises scare me. Spur of the moment? I'll lose hair over that catastrophe. Anyway, I'll try to give you 6 very well thought out factoids about my persona:

1. I'm a true Virgo and like order, order, order. It makes me a much calmer person in life. Some people call this obsessive compulsive disorder and take massive amounts of prescription drugs for it. I prefer to call it Virgo-istic.

2. I love purses. I get frenzied when I spot the handbag department of any store. I actually get blurry vision and sweaty palms. I notice EVERYONE'S bag EVERYWHERE. A good bag can rescue any outfit - I don't care if it's sweatpants and yesterday's hair.

3. I believe that any sickness can be cured by drinking massive amounts of water. Water is your friend, people. Drink more of it.

4. Which brings me to random factoid #4: you'll NEVER see me without a very large bottle of water in my hand or bag. Take a look. I dare you.

5. I hate long nails. They are unnatural and uncomfortable. I like short, filed nails with clear polish on them. Period. Except for toenails. I say go all out with toenails. There's nothing cuter than a great pedicure, an exceptional flip-flop, and a red toenail.

6. I really, really dislike pigs. I admit it. I mean, I adore animals in every sense of the word. But I've come to realize that I just can't deal with pigs. Not even potbellied pigs. I've seen pigs twice recently at local fairs, etc., and I was extremely appalled. Sorry, piggies, you just are NOT cute.

and here's a bonus one for ya's:

7. I haven't eaten meat for over 20 years. Can't even cook a good steak for my hubby. Sorry Pauly...

And I know I'm supposed to do a bunch of things now to complete this "random" mission, but I think I'll just leave it at this. You guys know I'm not very good at following rules...


Stinky John Jones said...

How can you hate pigs!
What about the Pot Belly ones? They are so cute with their oinking and all.
And I thought you were a pet person!

LOVED your answers! I need to get mine up only I can't think of anything. Maybe I am just blocking bad randomness right now.

MoziEsmé said...

I'm with you on the meat thing. Yuck.

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