Friday, September 12, 2008

Dissed in a Malibu don't know what to do.

Today was the second official day of preschool for Zeke. When we woke up, Zeke asked me where Daddy was (as he usually does) and I answered "at work." Zeke then asked me if he had to go to school today. My heart did a little flip-flop. Would this be THE day? The day when all the craziness began? The day when my baby boy would really start to show his true emotions and tell me how much he didn't want to leave me, how much he wanted to just stay with me and do fun things with me??? I knew it was coming. I prepared for it. I was all ready to tell him it was ok to be nervous but that school was a safe, fun place where he'd make new friends and paint, color, play, and learn. I had all the lines down in my head, like a good, prepared Mommy should. But, something strange happened that threw a monkey wrench into my speech. When I told Zeke that yes, indeed, it was a school day, he simply said "ok." Even worse yet, when I asked him if he wanted me to draw our secret heart on his hand before we left for school (the secret heart is a green heart that I draw on his hand, kiss it, then close his hand. If he gets lonely at school and misses me, he kisses his hand and knows that I'm kissing him back..), he told me that he didn't need our secret heart because he could remember me in his head! Wanna' add insult to injury??? Ok, well, as we pulled up in car line for him to get out and go into his classroom, Teacher Mary took him out of his car seat and he immediately started chatting with her about drawing a pine tree - I NEVER EVEN GOT A GOODBYE!!!!

You see, today I realized that Zeke is different now. He's gotten a taste of the "big boy" world and I think he likes the flavor. He wants to branch out and meet the big new world of school. I just wish he wanted our green heart on his hand while he did it.


DembroskyFamily said...

I know what you mean Kaitlyn just runs in to her room with out saying good bye.

Shannon said...

as is th entire parenting experience.... it is awesome and awful all at the same time! breaks your green heart, doesnt it.


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