Friday, September 19, 2008

How COULD she????

Ok, so I used to work at HUP (Hospital of the University of PA), but that was before Zeke or simply "B.Z." as I like to call it. While at HUP, I worked with a super-fab girl named Christa. I took to calling Christa "Missy" for some crazy reason, so here's my rant about Missy. I love Missy. I think Missy rocks. Missy, I think, loves me. At least I hope so. Do you Missy? Do you? Do you? Anyway, Missy has this awesome blog called When you check it out, you'll see that Missy is a natural-born writer and her stuff is addictive. It's funny, dry, witty, cutting-edge, and just plain cool. Then, I came across her post of September 16, 2008. I was turned inside-out when I read Missy's post. I read it, then re-read it just to be sure I was "getting" what she was writing. HOW COULD SHE BETRAY ME LIKE THIS????? WWWWHHHHHHYYYYYYYY? After all we've been through, after all the long, crappy days in that office, Missy. After those seemingly endless days up in Pathology looking at all the ugly stuff we never really wanted to see in the first place - I thought we *had* something? A bond of some sort. But no. You go and diss me with an anti-pooch post. All you in cyberland reading this...please, go now and read her madness. It's jibberish. It's maniacal ranting. It's simply...wrong. It's the mutterings of a good friend gone....well...CAT. And tell me, have you ever heard "catty" used as a compliment? Sorry Missy, I love you, I love your wicked sense of style, and I love your intelligence. I also love your house full of cats. But show me some chi-chi lovin', girl! I'm sure my pups will give you lots of sloppy, slurpy smooches if you change your evil ways...

1 comment:

Christa C. said...

i think there's some adipose muddling your brain!!!!!! haha

i like your dogs (did you see the part where i said there are chi-chis in the world i enjoy??, miss selective reading!?) i like your dogs. i just hate STRANGERS' dogs. or other random dogs that are smelly and terrible (i.e. most of them, but there are exceptions of course.)

p.s. i think i saw ERRRRMSSS yesterday on campus! is that possible?

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