Friday, November 7, 2008

You're talking about MY kid?

Today I heard some words that rocked my world. I heard that my kid was smart. "Very intelligent", to be exact. And that compliment came from none other than his teacher. Much, much, much to my surprise, since the last thing I had heard from her was that Zeke had literally "hit her in the leg because he was on time out from the sandbox for hitting someone in the head with a shovel". When I had been put on notice that I was going to be receiving a phone call from said teacher, the "oh my God's" filled my bod. I knew what was coming, but I didn't know what form it would take. Was it a sandbox incident, did something go down in the play dough section, or was there a rough and tumble chalk board situation to be dealt with? Zeke has been known to use chalk as a weapon in the past and well, I wouldn't put it past him to do it again, unfortunately. But no. It was none of the above. The phone rang. My heart sank. I cleared my throat and gave my best cheery mom hello. There was small talk, then it got to the point. I was told that although there are major "issues" with Zeke's loudness in the classroom (apparently he really needs to learn to use an indoor voice...duh, no ears are scabbed internally), he seems to be quite bright and extremely intelligent. Ms. Teacher Lady wants to work with me to find ways to stimulate Ol' Zekey Pants and keep things freshy-fresh-fresh for him. Holy Mother of Poo. I had to pinch myself. Surely she wasn't talking about the kid who still carries around the tee-tee blanket and drinks a gallon of chocolate milk every other day??? But, yeah, she was. My world became fuzzy and I got giddy. I felt like I had eaten about 187 Hershey Bars with almonds and washed them down with 34 Red Bulls. Sweet little angelic cherubs started to float out of the phone and I swear I could hear them softly playing their harps and violins. Instantly, my skin got softer and I lost those 20 pounds I've been meaning to lose for 5 1/2 years now. The entire world just got completely....nicer. As she spoke about me needing to work on the "indoor/outdoor voice" stuff with Zeke, I think I would give her an occasional "uh-huh", but really all I could hear were those sounds that Charlie Brown would hear when he was in school : wah-wah-wah-wah-wah. All I knew was that I finally heard what I yearned to hear for a long time...Zeke's head has something in it other than bricks. It's not made of marshmallow fluff or the stuff that's in the middle of Oreos. Because most days, that's really what it feels like to me...

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Val said...

Way to go Zeke! Keep up the smartness!

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