Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Noise pollution.

It's Election Day 2008. I should be wearing my best red, white, and blue cheesy sweater...or at least some starry fuzzy socks or something. But I'm not even really tuned into the whole Obama/McCain thing yet. Now don't get me wrong - I for sure voted earlier today. I wouldn't have missed that for anything. But something else has my head in a frenzy. Are you ready for this? Hold onto your hats, folks...playgroup was at my house today. Yup. I said it. At my house. And currently I'm still searching around for a few of the molars and eye teeth that were shaken from the very roots in my gums due to the insane noise levels that were coming from my basement during that playgroup. Throbbing is an accurate description of my entire being. I don't know how people do it who have more than one kid. It's two too many hands, feet, eyes, and most importantly...one too many mouths. Kids are loud. And you get a group of them together...it's like mixing ammonia and bleach. Ya' know what that gets you????? Mustard gas, people. And mustard gas will kill you...just like a bunch of toddlers in one room will. Here's the chemical equation: 4 toddlers + 4 toddlers + 1 playroom +lots of toys = instant parental death. It's gaseous, noxious, and ugly.

So there it is. Election Day was a bit on the loud side for me today and not because I was cheering McCain on. Maybe I'll rally tonight and get my cheers going for him. It looks like he's going to need them. :(

1 comment:

Patty said...

So funny, that's my biggest complaint in my house...SO loud, all the time!! Big bro and sis are teaching Jack their very best volume tricks...

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