Saturday, November 1, 2008

Screamfest '08 (or Halloween 2008).

We made our way through another Halloweenie. It may not have been in complete style (#1: I wasn't too fond of the overpriced RIDICULOUS Thomas costume that Zeke insisted on wearing, and #2: cactus thorns. Anyone who was within a 5 miles radius of our trick-or-treating zone knows that Zeke mistakenly rubbed up against a huge cactus in someone's garden and was impaled by about 7 or 10 thorns. Why a 5 mile radius you ask? Well, the ear piercing screams traveled from Exton to Chestnut Hill and back down to Newark, Delaware...or so I was told. It was Halloween mayhem in all it's glory). Aside from the insanity, fun was had. Zeke also had his Halloween parade at his school which was extremely cute and thankfully, uneventful. Check my pix from all of the action:


DembroskyFamily said...
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DembroskyFamily said...

He is the cutes one there. You finaly got a cute picture of Zeke in his costume.

Val said...

When Stink saw that costume on Halloween he almost died. He wanted it in the worst way!

Too cute!

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