Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So many emotions throughout election night.

I watched and waited tonight. Can you see the eagerness in my eyes??? I held my breath as they counted the votes from each state and colored in their silly little maps on CNN...

I could feel it in the air. The "change" they've spoken about for so long was approaching. My anger grew...

Then my guilt set in for feeling so angry. Obama SEEMS like a nice enough guy. He has two really cute little girls...and his wife seems very nice....and maybe, just maybe they'll have a dog in the white house....

I don't know...I still feel betrayed by the American people. Idiots. They're all idiots!!! I should just return to Mexico and find my own true kind....ahhhhhhh, one can dream.....

Ay carramba!!! What am I thinking???? All this losing has got me muy loco! I don't know what to do or to think...

Bllleeeeeeeehhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I hate looking like a loser. I really wanted to win this election tonight. I think I'll just put on these here glasses and go undercover for a few years...

NO. I will not go down in flames. I will stand proud in my vote and my country. God bless our nation and our new leader. Let's hope the change he speaks of is true and needed. Now, can someone fetch me a snacky.

P.S. out to Val at Stinky John Jones- Chili is lookin' like a supermodel up there, huh? I hit her up on her celly earlier this evening to get her verbal permission to use her likeness in this post. It's all good. She thinks it will further her modeling gigs.


Val said...

Wow! Imagine my surprise when I scrolled down and saw a familiar face! Totally rockin'!
Oh, and Chili would like me to pass on a message......although he has been technically "altered"....he still refers to himself as all male!

Nikicham said...

You know, I heard
somewhere "CHANGE" stands for


aMeN fOr WhItE cHoCoLaTe

LOL, I"m gonna burn in hell. I voted for the caramel cutie.

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