Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My first sorry Ms. Chili

I've never been in this predicament before. But then again, I've never been a professional blogger. Or, I guess I should just say "blogger", huh? God knows there are no pesos coming in from this gig...

Anywhooooo, I have a very serious retraction to make to my post of November 4, 2008. It seems I lacked judgment and assumed a bit too much from the picture below. We allllll know what assuming does now, don't we? The chi-chi below who was so kind as to serve as a model for my rant and rave regarding my election night woes was mistakenly referred to as a...gulp..."he". Chili is most definitely NOT a "he". Chili, of Stinky John Jones fame is all woman I tell ya'. And how do I know this (aside from a very distraught Val sending me comment lovin')?

Welllllll....look here below at this 2nd photo of Chili. Had I seen this one first I most definitely would have known he was a "she". I would have recognized a set of birthing hips like that ANYWHERE. Sorry, chi chi Chili. They say mid-section flab is the toughest to fight and it looks like yours is up for the battle...

P.S. Once again, my thanks to Val and Chili at Stinky John Jones for the excellent mugshots. I think Chili is perfect - muffin-top and all.


Shannon said...

oh my god, the thought of a doggie muffin top is making me laugh so hard right now and i cant even stop!

Val said...

Ha ha....muffin top....that is great. sorry.....but at least we can chalk this up to good blog fodder....anyway.....Chili is a boy. All neutered with no balls boy!

hahahahahaahaha....I am laughing at the thought of my poor puppy having identity issues!!!

Retract away again!!!! And I am so posting about this!!!!!!

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