Monday, November 24, 2008

You mean you don't deliver and set-up? But...I'll pay you...

This weekend was a blur. The only thing reminding me that a weekend actually occurred is the aching back I'm experiencing from hauling a ton of crappy Ikea boxes up to Zeke's room. Here's the sitch: we decided we were going to get Zekey-poo a cool loft-style bed so that he'd be able to sleep up on the bunk bed and hang out down below and have a desk with his computer and t.v., etc. I mean, after all, a 3-year-old needs a place to check email, read the NY Times, catch up on his blogs, Facebook, etc. He simply needed a cooler setup in his room. So, off we went on Saturday to Raymour & Flanigan. I found a nice set, one that I thought would fit nicely and would work out great. Big problem? It wouldn't be delivered for 4 weeks. We decided to go check Crap-kea (Ikea) to see what they had. Sadly, Zeke fell in love with a lofty bed there. Why "sadly" you ask? SADLY BECAUSE THE GIHUGIC LOFT BED COMES IN 2 HUGE BOXES THAT BARELY FIT IN MY SUV, WEIGH ABOUT 1,345 POUNDS, AND TAKES ABOUT 11 HOURS TO ASSEMBLE. What a nightmare. We decided to wait until Sunday to tackle the big assembly task. We'd be fresh and ready to go. At 9 a.m. on Sunday we started. At about 9:30 p.m. on Sunday we finished. And that's the very, very, very condensed version of the Ikea Loft Bed Assembly Story. The long version of the story isn't nice at all. Pauly and I argued, rolled eyes, walked out of the room, took time outs in separate rooms, each drank a few alcoholic drinks to take the edge off, and then finally....finished the lofty loft bed. At 9:30. At night. After about 12 hours of working on it. While Pauly missed the Eagles game. Hee hee. That was the best part of the story. I'm glad I didn't leave that out...

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