Thursday, November 6, 2008

He's all man, baby.


Hmmmmh. Wow. Can't believe it. So, let me get this straight...I have to do ANOTHER retraction of yet ANOTHER post? One mistake is one thing, but two a row...well that goes into the category of "head up your butt". However, yes, I'm in the precarious position of needing to make a re-retraction (or is it an "un-retraction"???) of my November 5th post regarding the um, "femaleness", of the dear Chili the Chihuahua who was one of the supermodels in my Election Day Rant post. Let me just clarify Chili's gender, once and for all, so that we can give full genderific credit where 'tis due. Sir Chili is a he. Or maybe an "it"? Whatever. CHILI WAS BORN INTO THIS WORLD A BOY. What happened to Chili's privates (ballies, nuggets, or whatever other kid-friendly name you Mommy Bloggers out there have given them) is none of my concern. Chili used to be all man. And that's that. DON'T ask me why Val of Stinky John Jones fame chose to outfit her testosterone laden chi-chi with a pink sweatband during one of his exercise ball's beyond me. Doesn't she know she has already toyed with his emotions enough by removing his "manhoods" already? Now a PINK sweatband? Enough with this retraction posting...I'm onto something more important. It's time to rally the troops and Save The Chi-Chi. Chili should have a BLUE sweatband. If Val cares at ALLLL for sweet Chili dog (hold the cheese), she'll email me her address so Zeke and I can send the appropriate workout gear for the hot dog (hold the bun) that he is...

1 comment:

Val said...

I am totally peeing my pants right now!!!!

BUT, in my defense....a certain little girl thought he should wear pink. AND, I drew the line with the tu-tu. Although, he did look oh so cute in it!

Anyway....I will so try to find a blue sweat band for his work-outs this week. Really, I will. How about green? I think we have a green one. Oh, about black? I think black would go so well with his coloring.

Well, this was fun! Just let me know next time you need some help with a post. We will be more than happy to get the confusion going some more!

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